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Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/ua3c53Jzvv
Direct Connect: :star:6ix-rp.com | Serious RP | Hiring Police & EMS | Gangs | Drugs | Twitch Friendly | Custom Assets | Cfx.re

6ixRP would like to welcome you with open arms to join a community that your characters can call home. Developed by a dedicated staff team who has over 10,000 hours of roleplay experience, 6ixRP is presented to you as the up-and-coming roleplay community that you have been searching for. 6ixRP strives to create a healthy environment for not only the experienced roleplay veterans but also those that are interested in building their roleplay experience.

Core Features:

  • Daily updates and optimizations by a full-time developer
  • Active staff team with Discord support channels and ticketing system
  • Optimized resources and database with many vanilla GTA aspects (Ped Density, etc)
  • Custom voice resource that requires no additional software to be downloaded
  • Balanced Economy
  • Persistent server with hourly backups and data redundancy
  • Custom weed crafting system with 4 strains of cannabis
  • Car Scene brought to you by car enthusiasts
  • Balanced Weapon Damages w/ No Headshots

Car Features:

  • Balanced handling for Domestics & Imports
  • Custom HD Liveries for Police & EMS
  • Various imports available for purchase

There are endless opportunities at 6ixRP whether it be on the southside of the city with a gang, or patrolling the city as a Police or Paramedic. While these are only a few of our features, I would like to personally invite you to provide feedback, suggestions, and criticisms.

If 6ixRP sounds like a great new home for your character’s extensive storyline or a new city that you would enjoy creating a new tale in, feel free to join our discord!

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/ua3c53Jzvv
Direct Connect: :star:6ix-rp.com | Serious RP | Hiring Police & EMS | Gangs | Drugs | Twitch Friendly | Custom Assets | Cfx.re

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I’ve been grinding out on this server for a couple days now and I’ve been having a great experience ever since I joined. Cop’s know what they’re doing and the roleplaying is next level! Come check it out maybe we’ll run into each other o.o

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Latest Updates

  • Overhauled Multi-Step Weed System (Grow, Trim, Roll)
  • Overhauled Jewelry Store Robbery with new Stolen Jewels Feature
  • Implemented a custom Mining Job (available to all jobs)
  • Implemented an advanced mechanic system
  • Added 2017 Chevrolet Corvette C7 (Widebody) to PDM Imports
  • Added 2016 Dodge Viper ACR (Widebody) to PDM Imports
  • Balanced current money-making activities to match economy

6ixRP is looking to hire into various roles in the city, including:

  • Police (LSPD)
    • Custom EUP Uniforms
    • Custom HD Liveries
    • Experienced Leadership (IRL & IC)
  • EMS & Medical Staff
    • Custom EUP Uniforms
    • Custom HD Liveries
    • Experienced Leadership (IRL & IC)
  • Judges & Lawyers
    • Balanced Penal Code
    • Balanced City Laws
  • Mechanics
    • Advanced Mechanic System
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Can’t wait for the next update!

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Mechanic Update

  • Rewrote the logic behind most Mechanic Job functions
  • Implemented a new way to obtain vehicle customizations
  • Implemented an in-depth Mechanic System for swapping parts
  • Vehicle Parts made from Mining Materials
  • Multi-step Parts Installation

We look forward to meeting you!

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loving the new mechanic system! cant wait for next update!!!

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The new Mechanic update is sick! Can’t wait for the next update!!!

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This server is great!

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This week’s update brings a load of new features, activities, and bug fixes.

General Updates

  • Implemented a new multi-step Hunting activity
  • Implemented Aggregate Taxes to balance the economy
  • Data Redundancy in Place (Backups every 4 hours)
  • Implemented a fully automatic donation system (https://6ixrp.tebex.io/)
  • Increased Trunk Space for Donators
  • Increased Inventory Space for Donators
  • Overhauled Bank & ATM systems

Police Updates

  • Added the 2018 Dodge Charger to Police Vehicles
  • Added the 2016 Ford Explorer to Police Vehicles
  • Changed Pistol to Combat Pistol in Police Armory
  • Added various keybinds for Police Interactions
  • Added First Aid Kits to Police Armory
  • Police can now revive via the radial menu
  • Added a way for Police to show their badge
  • Police can now use /evidence [Incident Number] to store evidence
  • Police (Sgt+) can now get attachments from the armory
  • Added Taser Cartridges to Police Armory
  • Migrated Police Alerts to a new Dispatch System

Robberies & Theft Updates

  • Added Pharmacy (w/ Robbery) for Medical Materials
  • Added a way to steal Air Conditioners for Metal Scrap
  • Rewrote the logic behind the Jewelry Store Robbery
  • Added a new way to sell Stolen Jewels

Drug Updates

  • Implemented Coca Growing w/ multi-step processing
  • Rewrote the logic behind trap houses
  • Rewrote the logic behind NPC Drug Sales

6ixRP continues to strive for the greatness that you look for in your next FiveM serious roleplay community. Our full-time development team is dedicated to releasing daily updates to ensure your roleplay experience does not get stale!

Join us today!

Great Update as always! Come check out this city!