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What is 5M Horizon Racing?
5MHRis a fivem Racing/Drifting server based on Forza Horizon and Need For Speed. Our server is for you to race against your friends or beat the high scores alone!

What we offer

  • 1000+ customizable vehicles

  • Custom Racing/Drifting Maps

  • Ability to make your own Crew

  • Ability to host your own racing events

  • Time Trials across the map with leaderboards

  • Car Meets

  • Cruise

  • We give out prizes such as private vehicles for users with the highest scores

Don't want to race and just wanna have a relaxed time driving or drifting alone?

Well we have got you covered. We offer drifting areas all around the map where you can relax and drift or simply drive around the map and explore 5MHR!

We are currently hiring for staff and Management Positions!!!
If you have what it takes join our discord and we will be glad to have you on the team!

Our Development Team is also hiring!
Don’t miss the opportunity and join our discord!



I can do it for you

Bruh I was literally looking for a co owner lol. Maybe we can merge or something.

I have a server

Would you want to merge?

Bump. Looking for the right Co Owner.

discord address isnt working to add you. add me Lou Sassal#9040

Request sent.

hello man, i dont know why but i cant add you on discord “EB110#4191” is not working





Let’s get 100 people in our discord!

Best racing server ever +rep +rep +rep


Adding more cars you suggest! Join our discord and suggest a car you want to see in game.