4GB Graphics Card but thinks its 8gb

HI All,

My friend has a gtx970 4GB. But on FiveReborn it says 8155MB and is running at 1 FPS. Standard GTA is working fine with 4GB video memory.

Anyone else had this issue? Please get back to me with answers asap.

@BlueStance try changing the “Pause Game on focus loss” to DISABLED in GTA V.

@Boss Thanks Boss I will give it a shot!

@Boss No luck =( I have re-installed it to his machine as well but nothing. it is very odd.

Weird. Maybe check you commandline.txt in your GTA V folder. Perhaps something is wrong there. Is your GTA V from steam?

@Boss Yeah it is. It seems odd how it sees the gpu is 4gb on gta but on fivereborn it sees it as 8gb and runs at 1 fps