[4 Years Strong] 🦅 AMERICAN DREAM ROLEPLAY | [ ECONOMY | Custom Cars | Police | EMS | Drugs | Robberies | Custom EUP CLOTHING | Serious RP | Active Development]


:sparkler:American Dream Roleplay is an experienced community. With 4+ years of packed servers, renowned twitch streamers, and a standard of roleplay that cannot be found in any other community. Our dedicated development team ensures the very best custom content and assets. On top of this, our extremely dedicated staff team moderates fairly and effectively, ensuring that enjoyment is the priority and the focus for all! :sparkler:

Here are some of our community features! :100:

:briefcase::pill: Legal and Illegal Work to be done!

:gift: Something to help you get started

:calendar: Daily rewards just for logging in!

:coat: EUP Developers to make custom clothing

:blue_car: Custom Car Developers, who work tirelessly(pun intended) to keep your choices limitless

:briefcase: Business Ownership, Every single business is player-owned and operated!

:fuelpump::atm: Fully intractable environment, All ATM and gas stations work!

:gem: ATM & Bank & Jewelry Store & Corner Store & Bank Truck robberies!

:houses: Custom Housing! Decorate your house, how you want, when you want, where you want!

:syringe:An amazing drug trade with numerous drugs!

:man_technologist:t3: Drug Missions!

:closed_lock_with_key: Bank Truck Robberies!

:money_with_wings: Store Robberies!

:atm: ATM Robberies!

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Massive and active community!

:crystal_ball: 24/7 STAFF AND PLAYERS!!!

Some of the jobs we have on the server:

👮🏼‍♂️ Police Department (LSPD, BCSO, and SAHP)

:rotating_light:🕵‍♂ Federal Law Enforcement Agencies

:wrench: Mechanic

:red_car::bearded_person: Car Dealer

:fire_extinguisher::man_firefighter:t2: EMS

:pick::evergreen_tree: Lumberjack

:unicorn::high_heel: Vanilla Unicorn

:taxi: Taxi

:houses: Dynasty8 Real Estate

:beer::clinking_glasses: Clubs and Bars

:fish::fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing

:email::postbox: Post Op

:meat_on_bone::cut_of_meat: Meat Processor


What are we all about?

FUN!!! :tada: We strive to continue to be one of the greatest FiveM Roleplay servers on the market, and for 4 years, that is what we have brought to our community and why our community has survived while new communities fail.:raised_hands:t4: We understand, being on the leading edge of development and creating amazing new content is what is important, and all while having fun! Our experienced staff team is led by individuals who have been with ADG on this long journey. :steam_locomotive:Our development team constantly works to produce our own CUSTOM scripts and features that won’t be seen in any other community! Check us out and see what all the fuss is about. :airplane::airplane:


Discord: American Dream Gaming
Website: https://americandreamgaming.com


This community was 99% the reason I got a pc. Used to watch streams and I eventually got parts and built my own pc and immediately joined this server. No regrets. I’ve made so many friends here, made so many good memories, have had so many good laughs and more to come. I feel the relationship I’ve developed here with everyone is something that’s unbreakable and a very strong relationship. The community here is nice, passionate and willing to help, it makes me happy seeing new people join every day and asking questions because it means they want to learn. The staff team and the owner and developers are something like I’ve never seen anywhere else, they are kind and passionate and always there to help no matter what time of day it is. I’ve been here for a good 6 Ish months and it has honestly been on of the best 6 months of my life. I’ve made so many good friends and even when I’m not on the server, interacting with people on the discord is super fun and what I usually do. All I have to say is this community is hands down one of the best, the server itself is awesome (props to the developers and owner) and I couldn’t think of a better server. You will not regret joining here and you will love it!


10/10 Community. The only one I’ve ever been in, and loved every second of it. From all of the friends to all of the RP opportunities, This community really is the best. Over my time here I’ve been police, multiple different crim/civilian characters, and then became staff. I got myself a new PC just so I could continue to play. This server, is like no other. The developers, the staff, the owner, are the best you’ll find anywhere. The people that are here to roleplay, everything that comes with this server is beautiful. I love this community through and through!! Playing here will be no mistake, I can assure you that!


Coming up on two years here. Accepting community and made some of my best friends here. And things only keep getting better!


Little over a year i’ve been with ADG. Best community you could ask for!


10/10. Best server I’ve played on out of my 4 years of playing FiveM. Along with some of the greatest people you will ever meet (:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: !

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This server has been one of the best i’ve ever joined great people and the RP is amazing. there is only one problem with this server and that is the Owner, he has been known for abusing his power. so be cautious about that. other than him the server is amazing def check it out.

Hammy is a hottie defo recommend this server if you want to see some hot guys.

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I joined this community back in May 2020, I was looking for a serious roleplay server and came across American Dream Roleplay, I decided to join along with a few friends in hope of some great RP, I’ve met hundreds of people and have experienced hundreds of great roleplay moments that I will never forget.

The staff team are like no other, being apart of a great team who are solely here to create and build a healthy environment for all of its members is what makes the job so enjoyable.
I’d like to thank the Owner, Development and current/previous staff team for helping to build this community, you’ve allowed us to make so many good memories!


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what is the server ip?

23/10 server. Truly a solid community with admin support that should require a monthly subscription. Eye shit you knot they make sure all players are taken care of and feel welcome. I was apart of a community that ended up being demolished because their head was whole ass being a creeper with the females in the community and taking my money and not using the donations to improve our quality IN THE CITY. So I packed me and my 9 amigos up and flew into their house. Chubbs is a grand guy and his staff shadows his attitude. I’ve only been apart of it for a few months but its money well spent. Grown folk do not have a load of free time and the little I have is well spent here and look forward to growing my characters story here.


Mr. Chachi here. Wife’s correct shits legit. Happy wife happy life. Shout out chubbs and crew.


Wheres Mercy the best ems in town

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[4 Years Strong] 🦅 AMERICAN DREAM ROLEPLAY | [ ECONOMY💸 | Custom Cars🚗| Police🚓 | EMS🚑| Drugs💊 | Robberies🥸 | Custom EUP CLOTHING👕 | Serious RP | Active Development🛠️]


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