34k Development | vMenu | Looking for a developer

Looking for someone who can help me develop my server
usually i just need help with adding in vehicles but thats addon vehicles
all I wanna add in is just emergency vehicles for now also need help
blacklisting certain other vehicles to be used.

I also wouldnt mind having a skin maker onboard

my server is gonna be based on only 4 departments

San Andreas State Police
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Fire & Rescue
San Andreas Department of Communications

I don’t mind if anyone is looking for a new community to come and join up
always looking for staff, department heads and good people to join
just know im striving for a strict roleplay if you’re cool with that.

dm me at 34k#5166 or join my discord

Just a heads up I don’t mind with any other help like a cad or website
but when it comes to the cad I do not do bubbles so if your a bubbles cad person sorry