302 Roleplay - Recruiting LEO, FD, and Staff!

Welcome to 302 Roleplay. We are happy to welcome you to a community that is specifically structured as a platform for professionalism, realism, and respect. All members of 302 Roleplay will have a voice as a human and all members are allowed input in the inner workings of the server.

302 Roleplay aims to enhance your roleplay experience with strict roleplay that is sure to make your roleplay nerves tingle. We are working to build a well-optimized server with great leadership and extremely realistic frameworks. With 302, no experience should be a bad one.

Here at 302 Roleplay, we have a single server-wide LEO department, the San Andreas Department of Public Safety. With the San Andreas Department of Public Safety, you can patrol as whatever department you’d like depending on the AOP at the time. Do you want to patrol as SAHP? Go ahead! Get to the highways! Do you want to patrol as BCSO? Well get in that uniform and get to work! With 302 Roleplay, there are no limits to your roleplay. The only limit is your own creativity!

If you are still skeptical about this server, here are some of our key assets:

  • SonoranCAD Pro
  • Easy-Use Discord Server
  • Light Resources for Better Performance
  • Whitelisted Server
  • DPS + FD/EMS
  • Communications Departments
  • Civilian Operated Divisions
  • DPS 1-1 Trainings
  • Custom Lore Friendly Vehicles
  • So much more!

With 302 Roleplay, we value your personal life as much as you do, if you have things to do, don’t worry! We offer LOA and ROA options to all LEOs as well as our staff and other whitelisted departments.

If you would like to check out what 302 Roleplay has to offer, join our discord and check out our website!