3 different vehicle issues, need help


I’m having a few issues,

so I run a car dealer on a server and have been getting a few cars together to be able to sell
first issue,
so the first issue is with vehicle modifications, so I have gotten the modkit id set so liveries, extras, and all that shows up but none of the actual changeable parts, and no engine modification except for the wheels being changeable,

second issue, I have a vehicle that is spawning but its custom audio isn’t working, I have 3 vehicles with custom audio, the other 2 are working but this one isn’t, so I need a hand figuring out why,

third issue, I have a vehicle that isn’t spawning at all, no errors pop up like its model is missing or anything, it just, doesn’t appear at all? like I spawned it and even waited almost half an hour, it just didn’t load so i don’t know why,

download for the 3 vehicles with issues and how I have them set up: issues – Google Drive

Issue 1 :

Make sure the carcols.meta actually contains the required LSC parts and references the model name correctly, also run the metas through an XML validator just in case

Issue 2 :

Make sure the custom engine sound resource starts properly, every required file is correctly referenced in the fxmanifest and the sound hash name is correctly referenced in vehicles.meta

Issue 3 :

Double check the ACTUAL spawn name of the vehicle, which you will find in vehicles.meta in the modelname property. That is not always the name of the .ytd/.yft