(2024) Feel - Pause Menu

Feel - Ultimate Pause Menu for FiveM

Introduce a new level of customization and functionality to your FiveM server with the Feel Ultimate Pause Menu. This resource offers server admins and players alike the ability to personalize their gameplay experience through a highly customizable pause menu. Enhance your server’s appeal and functionality with this easy-to-install addition.


  • Customizable Interface: Tailor the pause menu’s look to match your server’s theme or branding with opensource HTML & CSS.
  • Weather Control: For servers using the Extended Version, players can set their weather preferences, adding a new layer of immersion.
  • Enhanced Player Preferences: You can now offer a range of settings for players to adjust, ensuring a personalized gameplay experience (requires ESX or QB to setup preferences (metadata)).


  1. Purchase and download the script from the Tebex store.
  2. Extract the downloaded file into your server’s resource folder.
  3. Add ensure feel-pausemenu_light or ensure feel-pausemenu_extended to your server.cfg, depending on the version purchased.
  4. Restart your server or load the script manually for immediate effect.


Configure the pause menu by editing the config.lua file to set up the menu according to your server’s needs. The Extended Version allows for further customization, including weather preferences and more.


For assistance or issues, visit https://feel-fivem-mods.tebex.io/.

Resource Information:

  • Code is accessible: Yes
  • Subscription-based: No
  • Lines (approximately): 200+ for the Light Version, 300+ for the Extended Version (Excl. .JS)
  • Requirements: N/A for the Light Version, QBCore for the Extended Version
  • Support: Yes

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So why use your pause menu instead of others pause menus for sale or the free default one gta 5 provides? What does your pause menu offer to other ones out there to download?

Hello! The information you’re looking for is outlined just above, but let’s break it down into simpler terms:

  • Custom design: It’s entirely up to you to choose whether it appeals to you.
  • Compatibility with QB or ESX: You have the flexibility to modify preferences through the menu. As a standard feature, I’ve included weather control, enabling players to turn off rain (on the client side only) via the menu. This feature opens up opportunities for you to customize additional preferences to suit your tastes.

a Preview would be nice xD

Not sure how allowing players to change the weather is ‘immersive’

I’m here to share my latest work with you. If it doesn’t meet your needs, that’s okay.

This release lays the groundwork for endless customization in your pause menu, offering options like weather control as a starting point for developers to build upon.

I value my work and believe in fair compensation, understanding that nothing in life comes free. My commitment includes not only reasonable pricing but ongoing support and updates for all my resources.

The decision to charge for my 150+ resources, ranging from $1 to $10, is based on the principle that development requires both time and investment. Your support means moving forward together, while criticism should aim to be constructive. Choosing not to value these efforts doesn’t help anyone progress.

Make no mistake I think your design is neat and the price is a good point maybe even on the low side, I just thought the weather option wording was strange.

Alright big boss :wink: Stay tuned for updated.

why are all the config files lock

Both the light version and extended version now adds 2 shortcuts to open your maps and navigation.
So, you can open the custom pausemenu with the ESCAPE key, while you can open your maps with F1 and settings with F2.

You can change the keybindings in the config.lua.

If you’ve already bought this, then just download it again for the latest update.


  • Now with version checker so you get notified if I updated the resource.


  • You can now change the line color of waypoints (on the navigation) to any RGB you want.