2016 Explorer & 2013 Explorer - University Of San Andreas Police (Texture)

:bookmark: Credits:

Textures Design By: @DEVBrayden
Model: 2013 Ford Explorer Black and White
Model: 2016 Ford Explorer Silver & Black

:speech_balloon: Description

This one a simple fast texture that I made I hate just releasing two texture but there is more coming in the future. Many people have been wanting me to release these textures so here it is enjoy!

:page_with_curl: Instructions


It’s a very simple task all you need to do is download OpenIV it’s a free tool use for texture management with in Gta, lspdfr and FiveM,ETC.You may want to watch a tutorial tutorial on how to do it if it’s your first time applying a texture to a car!

:cloud: Download:

Texture is in the images! Also…

2016 Ford Explorer (Silver and Black)

2013 Ford Explorer (Black and White)

:+1:Models the textures work with

Be sure to contact me before reposting or editing textures for any public post.



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Please upload the files directly to the forum as the download size is below the upload limit.

Thank you :mascot:

Life is hard!!!:joy:

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Looking sexy. Great to see you making these and the progress when I first saw them in Discord.

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Again… Please upload the files directly to the forum instead of Google Drive. Why? If you decide to delete the file from your drive, users can still get it