2 experienced department heads looking for a new community!

Bump. Added one final thing to the post and we’re still looking but not for much longer! So reply soon with your community post if you have what we’re looking for to be considered an option before we decide on a community.

Try us Southern Roleplay We have all positions open! Including dispatchers too. We are looking for all of it!

DM me on discord @Soap#2104 I would like to talk about my current project.

Bump. Thank you for all the replies but we’ll have to pass. We are still continuing our search!

Hey! I am a head administrator for a server that is currently being built from the ground up we have the start of our website that you can view here, https://goldenlanerp.com. We are going whitelisted after getting around 100 members or so we would love if you could join and be apart of the production of our server. We can figure out things like vehicles together if you are interested in joining. We are a little not sure about the no donator perks thing as we don’t have much funding and we need donators in the future to upgrade our server, we can negotiate stuff though again all if your interested if you are. Get back to me Kotta#1215

Bump! Posted updated and we’re still looking!

Join Apache State Roleplay! Looking for competent people! Apache State Roleplay

Do you have LSPD Chief and Assistant Chief positions open? If not, if state/Highway patrol department head positions are open we’ll be ok with that too

Yes we do, if you join the discord and contact myself I will be more then gladly to help ya!

Hey, I am in need of a LSPD Chief. Please feel free to contact me on Discord. Anthony22.#0320