[1px] Gold Panning Script - QBox / QBCore

Resource is fully escrowed except for config.lua

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Step into the Wild West on your FiveM roleplay server with our immersive Gold Panning Script! Embrace the excitement of prospecting as you pan for gold and uncover valuable resources. But beware, the thrill comes with a twist - there’s risk and reward at every turn. Collect gold dust, take on the challenge of converting it into precious gold nuggets, and master the art of smelting them into gleaming gold bars. Will your players strike it rich or face the gamble of the Wild West? Bring this dynamic experience to your server today!


• Gather gold dust from water by panning.
• Collect other items while panning.
• Converted panned gold dust into gold nuggets via ox_target on a configurable NPC.
• Optional smelting to convert the gold nuggets into gold bars.
• Security measures on server side.

Configurable Options

• QBCore / Qbox.
• Turn on or off smelting.
• Change minigame difficulty.
• Item drop rates.
• Drop loot table
• TextUI settings
• Configurable zones
• Configurable NPC
• Enable or disable blips
| Code is accessible       | No                 |
| Subscription-based      | No                 |
| Lines (approximately)  | ~500  |
| Requirements                | Qbox / QBCore / Ox_lib / Ox_target  |
| Support                           | Yes |

Hello, the discord link is down. Could you supply a new one please?