1907 Roleplay [Serious] *18 +* [Custom Features] - Hiring Staff -

Mission Statement
1907 Roleplay is looking to provide the most immersive yet professional experience the RedM community has seen so far. Striving to set new standards across the board, this project aims to bring a variety of new features never before seen to the Red Dead Redemption Universe. Ownership as well as our development team are real role players with real first hand experience. This server is truly of the player by the player. We are currently estimated to open for late April and will update upon release date announcement.

Active community with helpful staff
-Open to New Players
-Whitelist jobs: Doctors, Law Enforcement Agencies, Gunsmith, Horse trainer, etc
-Passive income: Fishing, Farming, Carpentry, Mining, Weapon / Drug Crafting, Train/Bank Robberies
-A variety of roles in and out of character are needed pre-release! Hiring Staff and Legal faction members

Our Word of Honor
We promise to never belittle your every day player. All voices will be heard. Staff will never be favored in any situation. The vast majority of our rules are favorited toward the average player. Staff members may not handle their own situations and must also provide conclusive evidence upon any interaction with players. Which will not ever be withheld from any party involved. All evidence on the table will always be shared with all parties involved. We do not believe in a rule system which causes players to react differently than they would handle a situation in real life. With this all being said we will always hold all players to a high accountability of realism and rationality upon their actions in character. If such actions are ever dempt sub-par the staff will go through the measures necessary to correct the situation. Another promise we will hold ourselves to is following our policies. We find many communities jump to banning players. We will always give players the opportunity to fix their past poor decision making. A thorough admin jailing system has been implemented and will be used before we jump to a ban hammer. Thorough evidence will always be compiled before administration bans a player. We want this project to feel fairly run, and smoothly operated.

Forum + Website currently under construction.

Join our discord at the top of the page!
Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Development/Change Log:
For more updates visit our discord :slight_smile:
Limited to significant updates on here!

— 03/14/2023 2:04 AM
Thought I would add this channel so I can keep users posted on what the dev team have been doing.

Past 2 days we’ve been focused on webhooks and ensuring everything is being logged to prevent cheaters, dmers, admin abuse, metagame through PM, basically a lot of logs…

We’re just wrapping up a custom RP chat script that’s similiar to SA-MP style RP. We will still have voice RP of course, this is just a nice little addition. We’ve changed the chatbox style, relocated some text changed some fonts text sizes css stuff…

We’ve added 2 standalone resources one for Madam_Nazar and also one for a bookie where a player can bet on NPC fights, there was a problem that if you shot the NPC it would glitch this has since been resolved.

The next thing we will be looking into tomorrow or technically today, is a farming script which will hopefully support drugs, joint making selling and other blackmarket lovelies.

Here’s a screenshot of the new roleplay_chat system:

— 03/18/2023 11:10 AM
Can now perform heists at Fort Wallace once near the fort and you start shooting at the NPC’s it will begin the mission and spawn the loot, it’s been configured to give out money currently will add random items into the pool in the future.
We have added train robberies, there’s 3 potential spots for the npc to spawn that gives you the mission, the rewards vary from items to money. You only have a limited time to get the robbery done before the train reaches it’s destination or it will despawn, we may extend this in the future.

Added a farming system so you can become a farmer plant, fertilize, trim and harvest a large configurable variety of plants. plants get watered automatically when it rains, plants save on server restart , job specific plant counts and crop types

Added a boat shop, .Buy, sell and transfer boats through the boat shops. Cash or gold may be used for payments .Shop hours may be set individually for each shop or disabled to allow the shop to remain open. Boats are available to use in the shop where purchased. Boats can be transferred to other shops by menu (configurable transfer fee) or by driving boat to the new shop and returning it there. Shop blips are colored and changeable per shop location. Blips can change color reflecting if shop is open or closed.
Boats can be returned at the shop location via prompt or remotely using the in-boat menu after parking/beaching the boat somewhere
In-boat menu for anchor operation and remote boat return
Config setting to prevent the spawning of NPC boats
Boats can be driven across the map without sinking

Added a gang management system see gang members, recruit gang members, give gang leadership, gang bank, rename gang, disband gang, Gang member menu: show members, access gang bank, with more to come

— 03/22/2023 2:49 PM
Will be configuring shops, fishing stuff, hunting stuff today mainly just a lot of configuration to get the final touches of the server ready for launch which will be soon, we would’ve been done sooner but it’s only a limited number of us working on the project right now so if you feel you have the skills to participate please create a ticket.

Added staffduty so that admins will need to be on-duty whenever they plan on handling reports or situations, if an admin is off-duty they can’t just use /staffduty to go out of character to handle their own situations, another admin will need to handle the situation to void any biased decisions and to remain fair to players.

added /help to bring up a list of useful commands for new players or people just wanting to see what the server has command wise.

added /helpme so players can contact staff in game to find out details or to get general advice and help on the server

— 03/23/2023 5:04 PM
Hello all we’ve finally got our custom weapon script done. You can order materials from a specific point if you have the arms dealer job then you have to do a pickup to receive gun materials, with this you can create your own weapons using /sellgun [id] then using weapon name. It will require a set amount of materials for each weapon and the more weapons you sell the more you level up and will be able to access better tier weapons. In essence if you’ll be able to sell guns across the server to players, factions anyone you choose to make good money not limiting it so you have to own a weapon store but can illegally make your own guns. (anyone can be a arms dealer) just not law enforcement officers or doctors obviously.

Admins can now view help requests using /viewhelp we’ve added an /ajail command and /unjail command for admins to send naughty players to prison

3/24/2023 3:48 PM
There’s now a payday system, if a player is online for an hour un-interrupted they receive a little payment. This is mainly aimed at people who just want to RP and not worry about doing jobs constantly they still have a chance to make some passive income, it’s not a lot but every little helps.

We’ve added a bounty hunter script so players can now take bounties on other players and kill them for rewards this also includes bounty missions where you can do AI missions kind of like they have in the Red Dead Online to get some cash too, you can kill or capture them for rewards.

We now have a dynamic housing script which allows admins to create houses anywhere for players in-game. This will allow anyone to request properties at specific spots which don’t have any properties on them currently.
March 25, 2023

3/25/2023 5:47 PM
Fixed: you can now drink from the river and it will restore some of your thirst, you can also press “E” to fill “Empty_Bottles”. Added animations and a cut off after 2 seconds.

— 03/28/2023 5:19 PM
we have been working on a pointwar system where gangs can capture a point to receive rewards for owning it every 30 minutes- hour. These will be considered points of extortion in character. Providing players with a opportunity to blow off some steam as well.

This will give the gangs something to fight about

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I can not wait until the server launch!
1907 RP is gonna change the game!!!

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We are looking to expand our staff team!

Specifically mappers and developers are needed, experienced admins would be a great help as well.
If you’re interested in giving a helping hand a great way to get your foot in the door is to apply for tester if you have minimal to no experience.

Join the discord for more details, thank you!

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Great development so far. After testing many of the in game functions, everything has been smooth as can be.

We are extremely excited for this feature that hasn’t been brought to the Red Dead Redemption frontier yet!

As we proceed to develop the server even further, we have an insane amount of innovative and unique features that redm hasn’t seen yet. Thanks to our staff and supports, we intend to be finished sooner than later!

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Great development so far. everything has been smooth as can be.


The server has a monumental amount of potential. Keep your eyes out for the server launch! Stuff going to be amazing! Awesome Dev crew and staff!


Our staff team seems to be growing quickly, we have a select amount of individuals who are putting
so much work to make this possible. We value their hard efforts so much. With that being said, anybody who reads this is welcome to join up and be apart of our community!

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An amazing community full of dedicated staff, people passionate about making a valuable experience for everyone while sticking to realism and history.

As someone who’s had less-than-glamorous experiences with RedM servers before, this community is nothing like them. Staff are amiable, welcoming, and hard-working. I even got to talk with the owner, who took time out of his busy schedule to answer questions i had before joining.

Absolutely amazing team, cant wait for the server to open up!


a up n coming redm server that the redm community will eat up ! with all these custom scripts and amazing staff team i think any person trying to find a genuine place for any style of roleplay will fall in love with this server and call it a forever home.


Thanks to all of our staff/newcomers who have been supporting us day after day in our pre-launch era.
This project has been hectic, full of headaches and great times as well. While the server launch date is close, I encourage you people to join our discord and help us celebrate launch the right way, 1907 style!

We are actively in development for the server.
As we gain closer to our opening day, we still are testing our brilliant features thoroughly.
Please reach out If you are interested in becoming a staff member!