1900 realism with good story & character building scenes

Times can be tought in Sarsaparilla. Or they can be realling amazing. Its all in how you look at it. First time players should really consider how real things can feal with a certain realism. The horses are an example; even a train horse will fail you & you make a bond with them. Now you can say “Oh I get that anywhere” but here I have seen more heart felt connection with horses even if they kicking everyone. They may say i hate it here or hate that horse or you but its because in a vaunable moment our hearts open up. You can rob and shoot the law to your hearts content…but in the end some things will be left unresolved. We do not always win & it teaches us a lot about ourselves when hands a loss.
Now can that loss be turned into a win? Most certainly. Make some friends. Take a leap of faith & don’t give up. Because in the end you always managed to get what you always wanted. Just a little love.


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