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:loudspeaker: Calling all survivors! :man_zombie::gun: Join our thriving post-apocalyptic community in our exclusive server bazaar! Here’s what we have in store for you:

:hammer: Rust-Inspired Crafting System: Unleash your inner engineer and craft essential items to aid your survival. Combine resources to create weapons, tools, and fortifications to outsmart both zombies and rival players.

:pick: Resource Gathering: Venture into the vast, zombie-infested world to gather precious resources and materials. From scavenging abandoned buildings to mining hidden deposits, the choice is yours!

:man_zombie: Zombie Survival: Face hordes of relentless zombies and test your survival skills. Will you fight or flee? Gather your allies and strategize to stay one step ahead of the undead menace.

:busts_in_silhouette: Roaming AI Survivors: Encounter fellow survivors who may need your help or provide valuable resources and information. Forge alliances or fend off opportunistic raiders – the choice is yours!

:crown: King of the Hill Minigame: Prove your dominance and battle for control in our intense King of the Hill minigame. Fight against other players for valuable rewards and secure your place at the top.

:boom: Oilrig Heist: Embark on daring missions to infiltrate and raid heavily fortified oilrigs. High risks, high rewards! Will you brave the challenges and claim the spoils?

:earth_africa: Custom San Andreas Map Overhaul: Immerse yourself in our meticulously designed San Andreas map overhaul. Experience a world transformed by the zombie apocalypse, with new locations and secrets to discover.

:wrench: Skill System & Player Classes: Develop your survivor’s skills and specialize in unique player classes. Whether you’re a resourceful scavenger or a formidable combatant, tailor your character to fit your playstyle.

:red_car: Project Vehicles: Salvage, repair, and upgrade vehicles to traverse the dangerous landscapes with speed and efficiency. Your trusty ride might just be the key to survival.

:busts_in_silhouette: Custom Crew System: Team up with friends or make new allies using our custom crew system. Surviving together is always better than going in alone.

:european_castle: Base Building: Construct and fortify your own secure base, protecting your valuable resources from looters and ensuring your survival in this unforgiving world.

:shopping_cart: Traders: Interact with unique traders to buy, sell, and barter for essential supplies, rare items, and weapons. Your negotiation skills will be put to the test!

:boom: Weapon Rarities: Discover weapons of varying rarities that deal different amounts of damage. Choose your arsenal wisely and gain an edge in combat.

:package: Airdrop Events: Compete against others for airdrop supplies packed with valuable resources. Be quick, be strategic, and secure your rewards.

:fishing_pole_and_fish: Fishing: Take a break from the chaos and enjoy a peaceful fishing experience. Catch a variety of fish and cook them to replenish your strength.

:satellite: Satellite Map with Grid System: Navigate the vast San Andreas landscape with ease using our satellite map featuring a grid system. Plan your movements and coordinate with allies efficiently.

Join us now and embark on a thrilling zombie survival journey unlike any other! :earth_africa::man_zombie: Gather your wits, forge alliances, build your base, and fight for survival in our immersive and action-packed server. Don’t miss out – become a part of our resilient community today! :muscle::skull:

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We are up and open with many changelogs have being pushed since our release on 5/17!

  • Lootable clothing items are related to a specific clothing item.
  • Complete re-work of weapon damages.
  • Custom clothing items added.
  • Made keycard rooms have a cooldown instead of being hit once per restart.
  • Added more storage crates available to players.

We have work on much, much more… why don’t you come find out?

Since the 23rd, we have added a compass, altered loot pool regeneration, added more storage cases, made airdrops occur more often, and so much more!

Our community is growing by the day… why don’t you be part of it? Join our Discord today!

Since May 26th, we have made a ton of changes… seriously! Here are just a few of them:

  • Altered what weapons can attack zombie nests.
  • Altered the respawn timer of zombie nests.
  • Lowered the total health of default and boss zombies to better fit our weapon damages.
  • Made boats and helicopters purchasable.
  • Added over 20 new vehicles to our safezone traders.
  • Swapped our vehicle mechanic script to a much more reliable one.
  • Added vehicle customization options and lootable items.
  • Added bulletproof tires for vehicles.
  • Removed ALL emotes except dancing emotes… yup, no more /e passout3!
  • Reworked the entire lootpool for our custom keycards script!
  • Reworked the entire lootpool for our custom oilrig script!
  • Buffed the amount of sulfur and metal you gather at once.
  • Altered the AI at the oilrig to have their own lootpools.

And so much more! Survive the apocalypse in style! Join 180 DayZ to Live and embark on an unforgettable journey of thrilling challenges and heart-pounding adventures. Your survival awaits!