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I had the opportunity to fly into the city today and let me tell you!!! It has one of the MOST impressive UIs I have EVER seen in a fiveM server! I look forward to when I have more time to explore the city because you can tell a lot of QUALITY effort was put into making this city what it is! Keep up the AWESOME work and thank you for all that you’ve done so far to make our RP experiences something to remember!!!


LSMS and UPD do not need therapy… Just a debrief where we talk about our feelings and favorite things.


I have been playing FiveM for about four or so years now, and I know how difficult it can be to find a good server that is not only fun to play on, but has people running it who know what they are doing. I have been in this community for about a year and a half now, and this server is so much better than any server that I have personally joined. And with 2.0 now released, it has been really fun getting on the server everyday, and there are so many new features that are yet to be added. I recommend joining the community, meeting people. The server is really good with being friendly to newcomers, I recommend if you want to find a good server, to join this one.


Dynasty 8 is very fun to be and also interact with! Been enjoying every minute of it. When it comes to Dynasty 8 on Unwritten, they are very focused on making it a roleplay realestate experience. From consultations about properties and estimations, to giving tours of the floorplans they offer, it’s really fun!

I definitely recommend experiencing it and also recommend checking it out and considering pursuing it as a line of viable roleplay because it’s really good social roleplay and fun if you like that sales atmosphere!! Definitely tons of fun.


Lots of great roleplay is happening. We just had our first Permadeath with a funeral attended by a large number of players.

Come apply for whitelist and write the next chapter of your characters story with us! The future is Unwritten, at Unwritten RP!


Twitch Even a shit time is a good time on Unwritten RP