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3/20/24 UPDATE LOG


• My next project I focused on was Mining. I didnt like the current system. The idea behind it was okay, but I didnt like it, and its one of them jobs that I really enjoyed making in 2.0, and wanted to refresh it! I refreshed it by 80% and re-wrote A LOT of the 2.0 code to better server us here in 3.0!
• The current mining we had was causing way too many issues. Spamming errors in F8 Consoles, Causing Crashes left and right, and we wanted to disable it to see if this was causing issues by the prison as well! All in all, this is a much better product, and it was written by us, so we know everything about the system!
• Players now will go to the mines when they have the job, and be able to being work with the boss that is stationed there!
• Grab A Mining Drill, and begin to mine rocks which are marked on your mini map
• Drills will populate rocks which players will need to break down.
• Marked on the map is a new station for breaking rocks down. Simply head there and break them down in the quarry spot!
• After that take the broken stones to the Rock Wash, where you will gather your valuables there!
• Then you can utilize the items in crafting, Player to player transactions, or Pawn Shop.
• A highly noted request was the XP and Washing to be used 24/7. With that being said, we did both! XP is now intergrated into /myxp. Of course with us dropping the old system, that did in return drop the old XP as it wasnt our XP system. In addition, the washing of rocks can be done 24/7 with the quarry shutting down over night.
• XP now is actually worth it though this time around, making your character mine faster, better, and more results over time. The more XP you get, you will fall under a tier. It DOES NOT go based per level, but blocks of levels. You will learn more when you actually do the job.
• Drop rates for rocks are the same as the buff we did before, it drops a rock per time, meaning no dumb RNG output that would prevent you from getting anything!
• Your /myxp was update to feature a new section: Mining
• The XP drop rates are actually in two spots as well, meaning more XP you have the more raw rocks you will get, and the more broken stones from those rocks!
• I know it sucks that Mining XP had to be switched up, just know that this is awesome, and actually gives you incentive to want to be a higher level miner, as it actually gives you more, where the old system it just gave you a $50 increase and nothing else.
• Tested very much, couldnt find a single bug or issue with this. I hope you enjoy!


• Balancing to Crafting XPs


• We have wiped the car complaints as it doesn’t make sense to have forms from before the car update! With that being said, we have clean slate over there and please report anything you would like to be looked at or that needs nerfed! Thank you! (Remember you can do command !cc anywhere in our discord to get the sheet!)


• If you have an invalid fix up error that populates, this is 9.9/10 times your game files being outdated or corrupted somehow. To fix this, you will need to Verify Game Files! We have stated the probably 1000x now, but still people post Invalid Fixups, and again, 9.9/10 times, its a you issue and nothing we can do but tell you to verify game files.


• Fixed issue with Sandy Airport having props and world go blank and flicker in certain areas.
• Updated prison where it was possibly crashing people on that highway. Please let us know if you are still crashing by the prison!
• We disabled the Sandy Strip Mall to see if this was causing issues as well! Let us know so we can get this fixed ASAP!
• Please report ASAP if you crash on by the prison so we can back to fixing this if this is still an issue today!


• Moved plastic surgeon by the elevators since they keep locking the doors to the surgery rooms.


• Below is a list of vehicles that have been fixed for their engine/exhaust sounds not working. Just keep reporting them and staff will log it in a dedicated section!
Obey Argento
Buffalo Widebody
Ruiner Drift
Gresley S
Rogue Tempesta WB
Dubsta RS
• Fixed all of PD fleet, they all have their engine and exhausts back that have been updated!
• Fixed Spritzer STR Race having no sound
• This pretty much wraps up the latest car update, and we can now move forward in bringing in new content, along with tuning the current fleet of vehicles even more over time! We hope you are excited for this new car overhaul! It took a LOT of time.


• If you had a project being worked on, and it was a WIP or Done Status. Its been pushed!



• 1.3 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 2.2 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 2.3 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 2.8 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 2.9 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 3.0 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 3.1 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 3.2 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 3.6 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 4.1 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 5.1 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 5.7 Updated and Refreshed. Please familiarize with it.
• 6.9 Rule added to the rulebook.
• 7.0 Rule added to the rulebook.


• We pushed an update to the background files as we saw some conflicts from the NP vehicles and our own. We have mitigated this and it should be flawless now, however we always find ways to improve things even more! Vehicles might feel different now, let us know, this is the proper handling that should be streaming to the vehicles!
• This will in theory mean that the handling you were experiencing wasnt the correct handling you were supposed to! Try your VANILLA based cars out today! (only effects Vanilla Cars)


• Massive update to Paintball, not only fixing a ton of stuff, but pushing some things we have been working on for a while now that we want to test in the live environment now! We hope you enjoy this update as much as I did!
• Fixed map not loading for players that spectate issue caused in recent update. You should be able to spectate now!
• Major changes to server side of the script cleaning some things up leaving less possibility for an error.
• Added two more server sided if statement checks to prevent player data error when players drop from the game.
• Added full refilling of health when removed from game
• Fixed capturing the flag not working for poopy PCs
• Fixed FFA, One In The Chamber, & Gun Game winners payment and notification being wrong.
• Fixed being able to surrender and remove yourself while in capture the flag death camera, causing you to get stuck in the arena if you were the only one on the team (very rare issue).
• Fixed being able to choose new gun when respawning in one in the chamber.
• Fixed capture the flag game mode with full rewrite to support the new instancing system.
• Added showing the scoreboard forcefully at the end of every game so that everyone sees the game stats like call of duty
• Removed weapon select menu option when gun game or one in the chamber game modes are selected. (makes the menu cleaner)
• Created an entire lobby hosting system that allows only the host of the lobby to control all of the game settings
• Created a cool starting game cinematic cam that is randomly generated every time.
• Added passive mode for every time the player respawns with a 3 second timer
• Changed the weapon menu coming up after respawn automatically. Now you have to press E to open the weapon menu in mid game
• Made kill sound effect for all game modes and not just FFA
• Re wrote how the scoreboard ui
• Fixed flag not being returned in capture the flag
• Fixed being able to pickup flag right when the game ends during capture the flag
• Added multiple new maps
• Added area markers so you know where the map ends
• Updated and refreshed all of the map images
• Fixed enemy flag respawning on top of you when capturing the enemies flag some times.


• A lot of behind the scenes stuff. Cleaned up a lot. Running test on a few more things.


• Some misc optimizations pushed.



• There was about 17 maps I removed for testing. These maps are not critical maps and will not affect Gameplay, atleast anything I could see. We are going to run a test for 24 hours and see if these stop the crashes. If they do not prevent them, we will start tomorrow around 12PM CST, and go live on Twitch, where we will do a community day, and see if we can pack the server and find what the root cause of the crashes that are NOT invalid fixup crashes. These are again to do with your game files. If you have Invalid fixups, verify game files and clear FiveM cache!
• Cleared server cache to ensure we have all the old assets removed and make sure its 100% the newest files you can have.


• Fixed issue inside map where props were spawned by the map itself. It will no longer do this.
• Fixed issue with props that would be spawned from our system, where players could no interact with the props correctly.
• Fixed issue with different props sometimes spawning, like gold and diamonds. Fixed this and now only cash trollys will spawn.
• Buffed Item Drop
• Buffed Unique Item Drop for players to get the item needed for next robbery.
• Fixed issue with XP drops
• Fixed issue with missing dialog boxes.
• Fixed issue with Silent VS Loud approach.
• You will get paid out more for silent approach and correctly doing the job from start to finish with no fails
• Fixed issue with cop count where it would read 0. Now it will read for correct amount cops.


• Fixed fuel issue on boats at Scuba Diving. Now they will be networked, and then fuel should be applied to their tanks after spawn.
• Fixed fuel issue on Boosts. Now they will be networked, and then fuel should be applied to their tanks after spawn.


• Check out the new NukeTown Map for a small play field thats full of action
• Check out the new Rogue Comp 1 map, our very first Comp Map.


• Fixed issue with cop count where it would read 0. Now it will read for correct amount cops.


• Added Helipad to the top of MRPD for police choppers


• With the rise in crashes that im seeing, Im wondering if it has anything to do with the Server Sided NVE. With that being said, I am disabling Server Sided NVE for 24-48 hours, to see if the crashes are still persistent or not. After this, if the crashes still come in, we will do another day where we spend from 12-3PM CST where we have as many people come in, and test it with us, and we will disable and enable maps through out the day to see what is causing this. We cant crash in the dev server, so this is the only true way of curiving your crashes and finding the root cause :heart: Thanks for the reports!


• Fixed these below shells with issues with spawning through the shell, instead of on the floor.
• avp_house_shell_02_01_prop
• K4mb1_house2_shell


• Heli Cam makes its return for police helicopters! Simply hit E when in the helicopter and it will populate the heli cam for officers!


• Fixed issue with paintball maps being in the live environment. The maps that are featured now instance you over to them and are no longer in the city! Some maps were removed however, we plan on releasing some more maps that are unique here soon!
• Should be able to play the new nuketown map as well that we have added! :slight_smile: Very nice small map!


• Updated scissors weight
• Buffed Lockpicks and Advanced Lockpicks degradability.
• Updated verbiage in Mining when mining the rock.
• Flee walk styles were disabled since they clip weird. If you are caught using this, you can face a ban for powergaming just an FYI.
• Updated SQL Wrapper and Libraries.


• After speaking with the Management Team, we have decided that we like the feel of the current handling lines, now more so its just adjusting speeds! With that being said, your cars will be tuned accordingly via Car Complaints that come in! With old info overlapping new info, we cleared the form out, and whatever you guys submit now, we will get knocked out accordingly! Remember that Car Complaints are for us to review the car and see what you are saying. It DOES NOT mean its 100% guaranteed that it will be updated to your wants. You can now submit the car complaint forms now, and we will start to tackle them! Expect there to be a lot of car pushes as we arent going to hold back any tunes, we will push them almost right away!

3/27/24 UPDATE LOG


• Since we have been using the 24/7s for a while now, I felt it was time to refresh the stores with an entire re-haul to the 24/7s and how they function!
• Completely re-did all locations. 9 stores were remodeled for Rogue, and they turned out great! We hope you like the new look of them!
• All stores were re-done, and tested! This means that store robberies are active once again, and you can rob all these stores!
• Added a couple more stores to the robbery list. Total of 12 now instead of 9
• Stop by a 24/7 today and check it out!


• Got around to building out our identity more and built a new system that runs off the servers time and date. This allows and prevents critical error when players would try to use a date after 28. This has been repaired and tested.


• We disabled Pizza This last night. Today from 12PM - 5PM CST we will be running another test, with Some other maps disabled!
• Maps currently disabled pictured below


• Added GPS postals to HUD. This will allow you do command /postal POSTAL. i.e. /postal 9007 will draw a route on your GPS to the postal. A lot of people have asked for this we have seen
• Removed 3D text from HUD as people didnt like it


• Fixed verbiage in coke lab to what it actually takes
• Fixed scuba loot table reverting when I added Fuel.
• Pushed multiple projects! If you had a ticket in WIP status and converted to done and/or closed, your items have been pushed!
• Added back in 4 maps. Sandy PD, Tattoo Parlors, Barber Shops, and 24/7s

3/28/24 UPDATE LOG


• Optimized over 127 textures and assets today. This took forever, but it was needed to get done! We will continue to optimize everything even more over time!
• We did not see any Invalid Fixup Crashes the entire session! HOORAY! We will be testing one more session for tonight without the custom peds, to ensure we do not see anymore! We are stoked to not see any Invalid Fixups! :heart: :Kek_Party_Hard:
• Disabled Prison to see if this will fixup the crashes on the highway near the prison. If we see the crashes, we will disable Yellow jack, and then we will disable OTH. However, we think it might the prison itself somehow, even though we have used this prison map since 2.0. We will run tests tonight. I NEED YOU THE PLAYERS, to drive up and down that highway and try to crash yourselves
• Found temp fix for issues with Stores


• Fixed issue with store robberies. Can hit again 100%.


• Fixed critical issue with this breaking over night! Should be able to operate job normally now!

3/30/24 UPDATE LOG


• Added back the studio, KOI, Pizza This, and The Car Meet! These are all active and live
once again!
• Tonight the prison will be back, and renewed!
• From last nights tests the prison crashes along with the invalid fixups, were never reported, or observed in research! This is AMAZING, and now that we are done trying to track it down, we can now re-focus on actual updates! Thanks for the patience and reports and help from you guys! Could not have done it without ya!


• We have launched the first phase 1 of the peds. We pushed 20 peds including all made peds, along with a few others! Below is a list of peds that were pushed back in! Please note that if you do not own these peds, and are caught having one, we will ask you immediately to remove it, or you could face disciplinary action upon your account. Please do not use a ped made for someone else, you will cause more headache for yourself then anyone involved.


• Phase 2 Peds Uploaded