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12/31/23 AM UPDATE LOG
• New handling and tuning on the 2016 Vapid Sedan
• New handling and tuning on the 2014 Bravado
• New handling and tuning on the 2018 Bravado
• New handling and tuning on the 2018 Vapid SUV

• Completed MULTIPLE 10+ custom projects from clothing, peds, custom items, and tags! They are all completely pushed! If you had a import ticket that was in WIP, it was done and completed. No others at this time.
• Wrapped up a couple more custom pieces of clothing for EVERYONE.
• Added new pants under shirts for women (They have their own legs under lower/pants)
• Added a hair for men
• Added new custom chain and earing set for women!
• Added new slayer dress + new upper arms to fit it.
• Added about 15-20 more new hairs for women. They are now up to a total of 65 CUSTOM hairs, that are not duped, and all voted on by them so the ladies should be pretty happy with hairs! We will continue to evolve clothing as we go into the new year!

• Burgershot 3.0 is finally here!
• Burgershot construction completed! Everything looks gorgeous and so happy to finalize this project for 3.0!!
• Added DJ booth to furnace in the back
• Added seating in the entire store. Their are over 83 seats in the place! Was a huge project and very tedious but its awesome!
• Added Job Deliveries to the boss office printer
• Added Storages everywhere. Trays, heaters, lockers, etc.
• Drive thru does work with storages that swaps items from inside to outside while customer is in car. They do need to get a little close to the window but will work in a car!
• Boss management office can be accessed to manage funds, fire hire and promote in the boss office
• Entire job pushed and shown to owners to understand how it all works! Enjoy!
• First ever drive thru in Rogue! So sick

• Updated UI a bit more. The items scroll down instead of side to side and no boxes should be cut off with any perks you make
• All radial bars and progress bars, and UI elements changed from 2.0 blue, to 3.0 Green.

• The minimap by default is now shown whether you on foot or in a vehicle
• The Vehicle HUD will be displayed to all in the vehicle so you can see your status for seatbelt, fuel, etc. as a passenger

• Towing is now only able to be done by TOW TRUCK DRIVERS.

• Added 8 Verifications to those with 50+ followers on Birdy :heart:
• Added 4 Verifications to those with 50+ followers on Trendy :heart:

• Puff Puff Pass dispensary was finished out and is open for business as soon as they officially hire their employees on!
• Made new job, society, and grades for their new business!
• Added DJ booth behind counter in the corner for music
• Added billing to the business so they can keep track of money and charge customers
• Added ped outside the front by vending machines to be able to spawn company vehicle
• Added garage to the front parking lot for easy parking for employees and customers!
• Added blip to the business so people know where they are located
• Added Vip Cards, ToGo Bags, and Work Tickets to the business
• Added Product Shop for employees only so they can sell items to the public
• Added 5 storages. 1 in the boss for manager +, 1 in the back room for all, 2 counters, and 1 employee front of house storage.
• Boss office now features a full hire, fire, promote, and management menu of the entire business background.
• Added phone application to the services app to contact Puff Puff Pass
• Added puff puff pass on the maps app on the phone
• Added two VIP rooms one upstairs and downstairs. Upstairs is meant for VIPs to chill and really enjoy the business, downstairs is stop and go.
• Added supply runs so they can get product to stock their shelfs
• Added rolling stations to be able to roll specialty joints and backwoods.
• Eliminated grow room as they dont really have one
• Pool tables work
• Will be adding some more minor things when I get some more time, but for now this is 100% operational and a DOPE business!


• The event for loading houses after sales will now load the individual home instead of loading the whole house list that was causing some performance and fatal server crashes.

• Auto clock out is a new system that is being introduced that stops companies from showing open when they are actually not there.
• The way this new system works is your entire company is now in a zone. That zone represents the boundaries of your employees. Once the employee leaves the zone (the store) they will be clocked out.
• To clock on, you simply need to be IN the zone (the store) and then you will be able to clock on. This logic makes sense where before you were able to just clock in the middle of the woods when you werent even working.
• This prevents a couple things! 1.) Paycheck farming a WL check when you are not actually working. 2.) Phones services app will not be accurate and more reliable. If a company shows open, they will be open and have an employee their due to them not being able to leave the establishment.
• Auto clock off will be introduced into all businesses that require employees to be there. Police, EMS, DOJ, etc. will be exempt of course due to their jobs being where the player is, and not a store.
• The first ever instance(s) of this was introduced to uWu cafe, and they will be our testers of this newly built system! We will continue to add this through out the week to other jobs!

• uWu was my test business that I started to work on a couple side projects for all whitelisted businesses. They will be my beta business that will test the new functionality of the new mechanics coming soon to other businesses!
• Improved progress bars for food items from fridge by almost 3x. Was almost taking 20 seconds, and no its about 7 seconds.
• Updated fridge to feature cake batter and cookie batter
• You will use the stove to make water and the batters into a TON of variety of cake pops and cookies. This system is brand new, as it uses one core item that displays mutliple images and values acorss one item, making it 10x more immersive to order what you want instead of one basic item. This item now can server as many items as you want. For instance the cake pops at uwu is only 1 item, however that 1 item features over 15 cake pops! This is a game changer in easier terms.
• When you scroll over the new stove, you will see images of what your customers will get!
• Sink now provides ability to select amount of water you want instead of having to spam it to get waters filling up inventories.
• Added new auto clock off system

• Added a fridge that now gives them meat, instead of animal meat from hunting. Allows them to buy up to 10 pieces of meat at a time!
• Meat cost is fair, making meals easier to make and more profitable.
• Lowered the amount of meat and sugar required for certain recipes. No longer need 5-6 meat for some recipes. A lot easier to manage.
• Added new auto clock off system

• OTH now has a legit job, with everything they need to operate the bar legitimately.
• Added billing for them to charge customers
• Added Bar Tap that is only accessible by them and not customers
• Added Business Management System, that allows them to hire, fire, promote, employees, along with manage business funds in a separate bank account.
• Added fridge in the back that stores new food items that are unique to the traveler.
• Added storage for BOH items.

• Now when picking up the table, it will search for open slots and check weight to ensure the table does not disappear on player if they cant carry it.

• Will fix this job today. Its having some weird bugs and we will fix this today! Please avoid the job until we announce we have pushed the fixes :heart:

• Improved some logic with some misc optimizations

• Increased RNG on Stones given resulting in more stones given
• Removed debug prints

• Fixed issue with trees breaking giving an error in the F8 console to the player causing them not able to cut tress down

• Added 10 more public jobs and 10 more freight jobs, making it generate 40 and 40 of each, making 80 total.
• Improved cool down on contracts

• Improved price paid per supply run since this is the only way they gather material. Price is not based on type of item but just based upon per run.

• Fixed issue with the Police MOTO Unit being pulled out
• New handling and tuning on the Police HEAT Coquette
• New handling and tuning on the Police HEAT dominator 5.0
• New handling and tuning on the Police HEAT Bravado Hellfire
• New handling and tuning on the Police MOTO Unit.

• Fixed issue with Samitto ped that was causing crashing

• FInished a couple custom clothing projects and peds. Were pushed!

• Removed drop off point that was at the grapeseed airport that would not allow trucks to go under.

• Fixed depletion on Vangelico robbery items. Some were degrading in 3 days instead of the 7 days they were supposed to! Laughing gas and C4 Bombs are at 10 days, we checked and they do not deplete fast.

• Buffed the chance of a bag in the safe being present by almost double of what it was! This makes hitting stores more worth it, as the items that come from them are needed for future robberies for you and your squad!

• EMS no longer get auto pinged for down people. We are leaving that to the player now! Simply hit your G button to send distress to EMS, OR PLEASE USE THE /311 to get in contact with EMS! Remember, they can respond directly to you when you use /311
• Fixed bug where players would Hit H to get out of a hospital bed or be picked up by an EMS player, and then they would hit X and be teleported back to the bed. This was patched for the EMS beds, Hitting H, and when EMS picks you up!

• Pushed taco update as it was missed in the other udpate some how! Its now fully pushed!
• Added a fridge that now gives them meat, instead of animal meat from hunting. Allows them to buy up to 10 pieces of meat at a time!
• Meat cost is fair, making meals easier to make and more profitable.
• Lowered the amount of meat and sugar required for certain recipes. No longer need 5-6 meat for some recipes. A lot easier to manage.
• Added new auto clock off system

• Fixed job completely and tested. Working as it should now! Thanks for the reports!

• Added 5 food items that are unique to Yellow Jack! These guys have been killing it with activity being open almost daily! Make sure to head up to Sandy and show them some love and try their new items!
• Updated bar top menu to feature the storage, menu, and then direct spot for pouring drinks
• Updated bar menu and dropped the old drinks from 2.0 that were never used. (Per request of owner)
• Updated now so that you will use the register in the back and it opens directly to billing for customer
• Stove top added for new food items to be used.
• Removed public drink dispenser in the back that was missed.

• Buffed Trucking Pay Per KM

• No longer prunes database of jobs from the sql table. Hopefully resolves random clearing of user’s jobs.
• We tested all morning and tried and tried to break it. we shall see :rofl:

• We are strongly urging people to take masks off while not doing crime. We have seen a lot of people wearing a mask while working in a business, while just hanging out somewhere, etc. While we understand you love your masks and want to seem gangster af, please steer away from this. I am mentioning this as I DO NOT want the alternative method to come to light here, where we have to make rules and laws around mask wearing. We are an RP server, and the immersion really gets killed when you are wearing a mask everywhere, it just doesnt feel real, or genuine. Please work with us on this. Masks are for the gang gang activty and illegal activity. Not working a job, walking to a store, etc.

• To prevent weirdos mining two rocks and leaving one on the ground to come back and get it, rocks will now only sit on the ground for 5 seconds, before cleaning them up. Meaning if you mine a rock and leave it on the ground for more then 5 seconds, it will be deleted resulting in loosing out on the rock.

• Updated menu to feature new items they sell
• Auto clock off is adjusted to feature the property itself to the sidewalk. This allows more free roam outside where you can take care of customers who use the outdoor seating etc. Also made it taller, so when your upstairs you can still get the access to it while on duty.
• Food was degrading crazy fast at only a couple hours. Extended all item to feature 36 hours worth of usefulness before it degrades.
• Updated animation that plays for cookie

• Re-wrote logic to now make sure the items are given upon progress bar completion.
• Updated animation that plays for Pizzas
• Updated animation that plays for Bread Stick
• Updated animation that plays for Pastas
• Updated animation that plays for Pizza Dessert
• Dropped the UI deliveries.
• Added over 15 new pizzas.
• Added over 8 new pastas.
• Added auto clock out system to the company

• Live Tuning pushed to the live server to see how it reacts in live environment

• Added over 40+ new pairs of shoes for men. All pairs typically feature a rich texture option, meaning many color waves and options per model. With that in mind its like you have over 400+ different shoes to pick from now.

• Added Job Blips for Outdoor Traveler & Puff Puff Pass.

• Food instead of degrading in 24 hours, degrades in 36 hours now!

• Fixed issue with keys being given before the truck spawns, resulting in now keys being given. Now you get keys when you get in the truck!

• When logging, it will force clock the player out.

• Completed over 10+ personal projects from tags, clothing, items, and tattoos. Finishing up the last bit of it today!

1/12/24 UPDATE LOG
• Last night we found a fatal issue that basically wasnt allowing information to pass through sometimes, resulting in weird connection messages and causing a hard time to connect. This has been repaired and should be good to moving forward!

• Fixed issue with a female body that got into mens bodies. Moved this and this should fix the womens top that they were need a body/arms for!
• Fixed issue with female chain that was waving around like a flag
• Per request, removed misfits chain for males
• Fixed issue with hat that was clipping hair off men.

• We have changed keybind for ragdool from G to H. Unfrotunately I cannot go in your keybinds and change this for you. You can change it though via PROJECT ROGUE KEYBINDS for ragdoll.
• If in a hospital bed or chair, and you ragdoll, it will no longer TP you back to the bed.

• If you had 50+ followers on Birdy or InstaPic, your account was verified!

• LOTS of clothing added for males! Like a ton!
• Added Some New Pants for Males
• Added Some New Public Chains for Males
• Added Some New Glasses For Males
• Added Some New Arms for Males
• Added Some New Beards under Masks for Males
• Added Some New Bags for Males
• Added Some New Jackets/Shirts for Males
With Men getting this fat drop, as mens clothing is way easier to do clothing for since their so many more options, we will take a break on mens clothing for a while and focus on other assets like cars!
• Added Some New Shoes for Females
• Added Some New Pants for Females (can be found in shirts and lower)
• Added Some New Public Chains for Females
• Added Some New Lingerie for Females
• Added Some New Lingerie for Females
• Added Body Chain in vests for Females
• Added Some New Shirts/Dresses for Females
The next clothing update will feature a nice clothing drop for women, this one was nice, but was lacking in some areas. We will continue to add more female clothing next week!

• Life Invader Launches their first Volume 1 of their newspaper!
• You can now walk around town, and find news paper and magazine stands!
• Simply use your third eye on the stands, and if its stocked, it will show you the options to browse magazine or newspapers!
• Money goes directly to the life invader society and they make money per purchase!
• Make sure to stop by a stand today, and check it out!

• Cleaned up chat even more, and basically reverted all stuff added :rofl: I guess we cannot have anything in the chat, which is kinda a drag but is what it is! /me still shows on the player, and then rest is just done on your phone!

• Updated Burgershot food items to now last 36 hours instead of 5 hours.
• Updated All restaurants pop durability. They now last for 36 hours instead of 5 hours.
• Cleaned up peds from the outdoor traveler so they stop coming in or sitting in the place.
• Added blip back to Pizza This and also cleaned the blip up a bit
• Finished up the last 5 projects that were in WIP status for customization for players!

1/16/24 UPDATE LOG
• After working on the current character select ive decided to still work on the current one, but for now, ive re-done the 2.0 character select and have moved it in!
• Added arrow keys in the bottom right to tell user to use arrow keys to cycle through selection.
• When deleting character, it now wipes all data from that character.
• Fixed issue with last number on the month bugging character creation.
• Added car to the scene that you can change out if you would like! Do command: mycharacter to change car to one of your own cars!
• Added support for slower PCs to wait 10 seconds to load character to help with crashing on Slower End PCs

• The map can now be activated even outside the vehicle. There is a setting on the Settings page. You can also do command /mapon or /mapoff
• Engine health has been added as a bar.
• Compass bug fixed. You can also turn on and off the compass now while on foot!
• Fixed a display bug in the fuel display and now it also updates for everyone in the car!
• You can now move your HUD and fix them to the desired position (This is in testing, and really only support 1080p right now)
• Fixed an issue where the armor icon was always visible. It no longer appears if you don’t have armor.
• Reset Hud positions button has been added.
• You can now see your money at the top right if you want! Settings menu to toggle on and off
• Cinematic mode can be toggled via F4 button, OR in the HUDs settings.
• The sizes for 2k and 4k resolutions have been reorganized, and we will soon support them for dragging around.
• Fixed issue with mods and staff members not able to access /hudsettings. Has been repaired for everyone to use!

• Updated lockpick minigame and hotwire minigame.
• Adjusted this so its only 3 locks to lockpick instead of 4, and then we changed hotwire from 2 to 1!

• Brought back the character select, and made it so you can select position and such again!
• When making a new character, you now get a phone, lockpicks, waters, sandwiches, and even cigarettes!
• A new screen populates to the new players, letting them know some stuff about Rogue, like their third target, keybinds, job center, and more!

• Finished out UI touch up and finishing testing in the live server, and then we will start to tune cars much, MUCH faster.

• Can get bleach wipes to clean up blood now from YouTool. Have a flash light so you can see the blood splatters and then hit E when the prompt comes up!

• Adjusted XP so now all the XP is given to you at the end of harvest instead of through out the process. This ensures you actually crop the plant before given the XP. (Yes Im adding the XP to the labs give me like 2 days and itll be done. Im working on the logic right now for mechanics as well!)

• Instead of 20 minutes for trees to re-spawn, its now 8 minutes.

• Fixed issue where Big Jem was available on loud approach. This was not intended, and is only intended to be there when you hit the heist the silent way.
• Fixed an issue with the computer making u freeze while in the progress bar sometimes.
• Fixed an issue where people are able to do the keypad multiplayer game without needing another player.
• Fixed issue where you could not sell the big gem from the case + added all items from job to pawn shop. This means this job could be great for materials that you want, or a cash out, whatever you decide!
• Buffed payouts. This job pays out very well, and is 100% worth the hit.
• Did some optimization & cleaned up the code
• Fixed an issue with counting cops
• Reduced Heist cooldown by 15 minutes.
• Alarm now shuts off after 7 minutes to avoid be annoying
• Unique item dropped in robbery was buffed to dropped 2x more frequently, making robbery progression more manageable.
• XP drops buffed.

• Systems were tested in live environment and are all good to go on banks!
• Silent and loud approaches are working. Loud you will get less loot.
• Buffed payouts. This job pays out very well, and is 100% worth the hit.
• Increased drop rate of unique item making robbery progression more manageable.
• Did some optimization & cleaned up the code
• Fixed an issue with counting cops
• Updated vault mini game slightly.
• Items used in robbery are good till they break OR seized by police. Meaning if I have the required items to hit a bank, and successfully do so, I could use the same items in my next robbery without having to craft them. They last for 7 days!

• Instead of 1 bag, now two bags drop! Bags also can stack now! This helps in making robbery progression more manageable.
• Buffed Payouts min and max by 200%.
• Sticky note was dropping at a weird rate, and now is minimalized to allow the actual hacking of the store to happen.
• Trojan USB registered for the back computers.
• Update mini game for lockpicking the locations in the back.

• Pawn shop now will buy an array of things! Everything from stolen goods from houses, stolen jewelry, to legal basic items. They will buy it all!
• The UI now has 4 options instead of two to seperate the items into categories.
• Categories are stacked showing player whats the most valuable in each section.
• All items from vangelico can be sold here including big gem!
• All items from house robberies including props can be sold here.

• Attempted to save the damages and apply damages twice when pulling out in hopes that it can prevent some scuffs that happen here and there.

• Updated death screen to have more immersive verbiage and more RP fitting
• Fixed some issues with holding E to see the light
• Adjusted check in price from 3K to 1.2K

• Massive phone update with some nice Quality of Life stuff as well as some new features!
• Notifications on the phone will auto delete after 1 week.
• Dark Chat app no longer accessible by police or EMS on duty.
• In the companies app, employees can now go on and off duty.
• In the companies app, bosses can now deposit, withdrawal funds, hire, fire, and promote employees from their phone.
• Improved battery on phones by 150% so they should last a little longer.
• Improved charging by 150% so they should charge faster.
• If the phone is closed and not up, it will no longer loose any batter. #2024
• Can now transfer up to 300K on the phone, instead of 100K.
• Now when players create a character and connect to the city, it will automatically set them up an email account!
• Now when the player closes the phone, it will end the InstaPic Live.
• Now when tweeting, you will see a notification on the phone for it for EVERYONE, even if not following. This was highly requested in reference to the chat birdy as well. This allows more RP to be happen, as everyone will see the tweet, making it easier to know when things are open, events are happening, etc. Remember you can turn this off in your settings under notifications.
• Twitter And Yellow Pages come already downloaded on the phone now!
• Fixed a bug where you were able to create an account without a display name in instapic
• Fixed a bug where the sign-out button wouldn’t be visible at some times.
• Housing now features your houses with the new 3.0 housing on your phone! Give keys, set way points, etc.
• Dis-continued phone look up app based on feedback from community.
• Tons of bugfixes in the messages app, mostly UI.
• If you get a missed call from a person you haven’t had a conversation with earlier, the recent message won’t be empty.
• If you open someone’s location and have them as contact, it’ll now display their name instead of number in the maps app.
• Some misc. bug fixes in the wallet app
• Fixed a bug that would cause you to get notifications from apps you don’t have installed
• You can now scroll between the airdrop users.
• Minor UI fixes in Mail App
• UI Improvements in Notes. Also fixed a bug where a massive scrollbar would appear if you had a big enough note
• Impound state is now showed in the garage app
• Garages now feature your cars and are syncd with garages.
• Fixed a bug where you weren’t able to change the phone name in settings
• Performance improvements in the settings app.
• Video Call improvements, should fix all the issues with changing microphone volume
• Fixed a bug where if calling and caller hangs up, callee will play animation putting down phone even though they did not have the phone open
• Fixed a bug where sending voice messages & attachments without a message wouldn’t work.
• Death logic has been reworked to be more performance-friendly
• The music waveform in the dynamic island & lock screen has been re-implemented and is now working as it should

• Fixed server queries being run in background too often causing hitches (optimization is huge, we noticed this last night and thats actually what started this entire update!)
• Fixed ESX blips/textUI when changing jobs
• Fixed plate not being added to props
• Updated logs for staff to be more cleaned up and sectioned out to easily manage
• Fixed /directsale UI to reflect the values correctly
• Fuel & Key clean up and integrations
• Fixed Vehicles randomly getting deleted
• You now require a license to view vehicles and make purchases. Need a Moto licnese for Western, and Drivers License for all other

• Started to add UI elements like Car pictures to the UI. Will continue to evolve the look and feeling of the UI over time!
• Added logs for staff to make things easier.
• Hide player names in transfers list
• Added new watermark
• Improved vehicle spawning errors and adjusted logic to hopefully limit the times vehicles are cleaned up.
• Fixed ability to select UI elements
• Fixed impound spam bug
• Supressed “no object by ID” in the F8 console
• Major improvements to performance at high player counts!

• Updated logic for repairs to make them cheaper all around. They were on a 5x multiplier based upon the shops performance. We can see how that could be flawed with LSC being the only shop AT THE MOMENT (Yes were bringing more, we want to ensure system is good to go before introducing anything new). Repair should be more manageable now, and not so out of whack. Please understand we make the pricing, NOT THE SHOP. They decide their margins AFTER we decide base price. They do NOT control repair pricing, so please do go in character acting like they do and being weird towards them.
• Nerfed pricing multipliers on vehicles by an additional 20% making upgrades cheaper.
• Will push live update later today to fix patch kits for you all, ive been up since 4AM this morning working on everything, and will continue to get this done for you all! Thanks for the patience! :heart:

• Added over 50 new storages! This takes storages options to over 150 unique items to have as storage in your homes!
• Nerfed pricing on storages. At launch we went with 1500 per 1KG. We have lowered it to 1000 per 1KG, making it 10x more manageable. If you see an item in the store, and its 10K, it holds 10KG, if its 60K, it holds 60KG. Makes things easier to understand and calculate on the fly.
• All new storages were updated to feature some bigger options rather then only 60KG and 60 slots. We will continue to adjust storages so it makes it a fair medium between too easy and too grindy. We think its pretty solid right now.
• Also buffed multiple storages items to feature a little more in them!
• Deleted Sofa 41, and 38 due to them not having collisions. Ran dev commands to hopefully delete all these out of houses as well, deleting these couches that were stuck in some peoples properties.
• To get in on the new furniture you will have to purchase the item from the store. You DO NOT have to do this, its just an option! You can keep the old layout and improve them by selling them and re-purchasing.

• Adjusted 47 crafting recipes! Thats right 47! This adjustment dramatically decreased the toolkits in recipes needed, and in some cases we even removed them completely from the recipe! This makes it not so hard and grindy to get toolkits, and fixes the complaint of toolkits almost indefinitely.

• Buffed tool kit drops.
• Buffed material drops in general
• Added Drill bases to the job as well.

• Our HUD is pretty good to go and dont have much issues with it now! Came along way since we released it first and think it has everything I wanted to include!
• Vehicle HUD should have no issues moving forward.
• Seat belts, harnesses, and all HUD elements should be working as intended!
• All HUD elements are customizable using the red arrows to adjust around your screen.
• Compass now works on foot or in vehicle
• ID now displays within balances in the top right.
• Can toggle pretty much everything through /hudsettings
/hudsettings is a quick chat command that you will see if you press T.

• Completely re-wrote the logic for stone creation and respawn, resulting in improved performance especially at high pop times.
• Removed respawn time for stones. Now, when processed or destroyed, a new type of mineral is randomly selected, and they respawn automatically at the base stone making it not hang for X amount of time.
• Optimized and synchronized 100% with player actions with pickaxe. If a player disconnects, their pickaxe disappears along with them. Should not see a floating pickaxe.
• Fixed an issue preventing the return of the original player outfit after working sometimes.
• Fixed issue when stopping work while loading a stone, it would bug the entire system out.
• Solved an issue that allowed players to see markers not intended for them.
• Corrected various errors causing WARNING alerts in the console
• Fixed a problem that rendered a stone unusable if a player died while mining breaking the entire system.
• The base stone no longer explodes or disappears upon completion of mineral collection making it more optimized.
• Enhancements to the stone illumination system, with more attractive visual effects when approaching.
• Improved rock dropping logic for stones to wash.
• Stones must now be directly taken to the conveyor belt, eliminating excessive events at high pop times.
• Improved/Buffed XP drops slightly to make more sense for better materials.
• Improved/Buffed Broken Stone drops on better materials.

• Updated deleting function on character select. It was hitting a missing identifier table preventing players from deleting the character information successfully. Was updated to now delete tables from the user properly.
• Fixed issue where new players weren’t spawning at Market Station anymore. They now fly in for the first time at Market Station.
• When selecting character and the spawn select launches the HUD will no longer display on there. Instead, it will hide it till you have selected character, and the camera has flown in onto your character!
• When new player is making a new character, it will now prevent them from getting kicked for AFK due to them taking their time on their character.
• Now when new players make their character, they will be hit with the introduction message, and then once they accept the message they will be given their items.
• Some other code clean up and optimizations!

• To expand even more in Sandy, we have finished a project inside the center of the town of Sandy! Introducing a unique strip mall to the environment that offers a digital den, clothing store, and bank!
• Moved YouTool to the strip mall as well!
• Also features a unique office space for a lawyer Soony Badman.

• Added Soda Gun to the drinks, so they can also serve soft drinks/sodas/pop to the city!
• Added ATM to the bar.

• Added public garage to the parking stalls in the back of life invader
• VERY LAST MINUTE, finished the January edition of the magazine for them! Check it out! its a big one!

• Added Soda Gun to the drinks, so they can also serve soft drinks/sodas/pop to the city!
• Added ATM to the bar.

• Added ATM to the inside of the main room of the vineyard building.

• Phasing stopped for the entire race. Now the way it works, is when you start the race, you will be phased for approx. 30 seconds, after that the phasing will turn off and people will have collisions on their vehicle!
• Added a notification that will be sent to player at 20 seconds mark, letting them that the phase will fall off in 10 seconds!


With this update, it pretty much solidifies everything we saw that needs to be fixed or added! We are super happy with the state of mechanic shops! We will be opening applications for 2 possible new mechanic shops to be added! Stay tuned for our new business section announcement next week when we get the new forum and sections in our discord completed! The only thing to do is monitor feedback around pricing and make sure we have the most balanced tuning system out there! Cant wait to show you the new vehicle categories and class system coming!

• Adjusted business accounts to now reflect the margins correctly.
• Now when customers purchase a order, the system will check for their cash, and tkae the cash automatically now. The margins set at the shop, will go directly to shop for profits, and the payment for the actual upgrades and parts will be paid there and then by the customer. This prevents any type of doing upgrades for free or discount for a friend, they will be charged instead the full amount they should be charged.
• Mechanics are still encouraged to charge for labor, and make sure they are getting paid for the work done.
• Repairs and nitrous will require the mechanic to select the player when applying the mod.
• Added missing armor option that was missed at launch.
• Fixed where engine id 5 wasn’t showing accurate name and therefore causing errors.
• Fixed issue with webhooks
• Added multiple paint booths options now, so more then one car could be sprayed at a time.
• Fixed an issue with RGB
• Fixed an issue with purchasing upgrades sometimes for the physical shop.
• Fixed issue with Patch kits shows notification and damage fix that it wasn’t supposed to be doing. Its been corrected to show new notification, and correctly sets vehicle engine to 50% like it was supposed to.
• Fixed pricing issues on repairs, and tint.
• Fixed NOS not reading cap limits correctly.

• Update car jack logic to be much better and reliable.
• Now regular players can use car jacks to flip cars! They need the car jack item though!
• Car jacks updated and are crafted by mechanics.
• If you are a police officer or mechanic, you do not need a car jack.
• Added Target to vehicles to flip.
• Added Radial option in general to flip
• Added Quick command /flipcar to do it as well!
• Added checks for everything I can think of! Should work well! #:camera_flash:teasers

• HUD option works now and will pull open the HUD!

• All labs were re-written to now feature XP drops like requested! You will need to finish the process to get the XP.
• Updated and renewed the XP drop notification.

• Added a check for the UI to not accept multiple clicks or instances on bills.
• Paid invoices will delete every 5 hours. This prevents the database from storing all the info from bills, and lagging the UI.
• Added notification to author when bill is paid.
• Bills now will sit for 7 days and then pay, instead of 3 days.
• Fee for not paying bill right away, is 9% of the total bill everyday. Suggest paying them right away, you will not be able to evade paying them and we will not be fixing negative balances.

• Added check for and removal of existing named options
• Toggle doors on entity owner
• Cleaned up vehicle interactions

• Bags for robberies were nerfed in crafting recipe, making it easier for players to craft this item!

• Now system will check for built doorlock ui
• Fixed issue with garages being held open

• Updated back end to feature all the content from the latest GTA O update Chop Shop. This features a plethora of new content that will come to the server soon! This will mess up outfits as its GTA and they add their clothes before our add on clothes. You will need to adjust them!
• Dev Note OQL-UP

• Re-wrote a lot of functionality and put it through testing. Made multiple adjustments and should be in pretty good standing now! Took a lot of feedback over multiple days and took everything I read and tried to make everything based on community feedback.
• Moved the start of hunting. Its now off route 68 by the intersection. Marked on the map with a orange deer. This hopefully prevents you ever running through the lumber yard! Now you will start at the new location and go through the hill side, which never touches the lumber yard!
• Levels were re-written to not be as long as before. They are easy to climb through the levels, but NOT TOO easy.
• Reduced spawning of certain animals, in some instances dropped them completely. Instead chose a core 10 animals, that aren’t terrible to see. Some you will still need to find like rabbits, but not more white pigeons or rats :rofl:
• Some animals buffed, dropping sometimes multiple pelts of different variations.
• Reduced time it took to spawn animals in general. The higher your level of hunting will result in shorter wait times as well! As well they will shorten your skinning time too!
• Now Medium and Low Tier Pelts will spawn more frequently on 3 sets of animals, not just one.
• Buffed drop rate of pelts regardless of tier. This means instead of 1, you might get 1 or more!
• Now if using the correct hunting equipment, its 100% drop rate for all items, feather, pelts, and meats.
• Now instead of you leveling up, and it deleting lower ranks of animals, what it does it just adds the new higher tier animal into the loot table. What this means is if you are level 1, you will get 1, 2, and 3 tier animals. However if you are level 5, you will get level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 tier animals. Meaning that you will still get the chance to get lower tier pelts which is what you were asking for!
• Bigger animals show up more frequently, making it more immersive in lower levels.
• Added deer’s, mountain lions, panthers, cows, and pigs (different then boar).
• Now the XP saves after every kill. The player simply should have to end the session now, and it should save XP as well, saving multiple times in different places. This should help players who experienced “roll backs” due to complications.
• Animals should spawn in more correctly now, and be there everytime!
• Minor UI changes, probably wont even notice anything. More so for lower end PCs.

• Head bags make their return as requested!
• Re-wrote some of the logic to now feature a context menu and radial bar that displays the action
• Bag falls off after about 10 minutes, to ensure they don’t get left with a bag on their screen
• Player will need to have bag in their inventory, and then third eye the person they are wanting to bag. Its not instant, there is a progress bar.
• Makes for more immersive kidnappings and hostage situations. Bag someone, and take them somewhere and then take it off and there in the location you chose. We hope to see these used properly!
• These drop in crafting and other places as well :wink:

• Added public garage to Life Invader in the back parking.
• Added public garage to Tow Yard.
• Eclipse medical public parking moved to not be in front of the hospital. Its now moved down a bit to the alleyway that’s to the left of the hospital if you are looking at it.

• Updated prison outfits to the custom prison outfits! Pick your color, and enjoy prison in your new threads!

• Now anyone can be a tow truck driver and run towing jobs for a little bit of cash, and mats that drop randomly!
• Job is obtained from the job center at life invader.
• If you have the job, a blip will be added to the tow yard to start work.
• Go inside building and grab a tow slip
• Head out and go to the left lot and grab a truck!
• Added force delete for the truck if it gets scuffed
• Youll grab the truck and take it to the location marked and grab the vehicle and take it back to the tow yard.
• Fun activity and we are happy to make it public for all to enjoy! Let us know what you think of the pay and item drops (Pay goes to paycheck at the big bank)

• Updated radial menu options and cleaned it up a bit.
• Added Tow Player option in the radial. This allows mechanics to tow players cars to and from their shops.
• Can also do command /tow
• If you arent a mechanic, cannot use this.
• If we catch people using towing for any reason besides towing other players, you will be force fired from position at your mechanic shop.
• Added truck spawner, deleter, and force deleter for any weird scuffs!

• Police have conducted a couple raids and in return have shut down some acitivities. No worries though, when one door closes, another opens :wink: Happy Hunting.
• Meth Lab moved + Meth CAnister Fill Moved
• Physical Money Wash moved.
• Moved Chop Shop

• With the location moved we also added some new things.
• Radial menu for doors now has a cleaned up look and has an option to open all doors!
• Added third eye target to vehicles that allows you to interact with the car doors as well!
• Added ped to the job so it makes more sense and is easy to interact with and flows for new players.
• Added a third eye option to now force delete vehicles that are in the way or could be scuffed!
• Optimizations and code clean up

• Fixed critical error in camera where it wouldn’t properly upload the image and send it back to the client resulting in white image. Using a much more better method for this now, and should be working as it should!
• You can now see users profiles again from messages, by pressing their username / avatar on Spark App.
• Fixed an issue where the webhook for the InstaPic wouldn’t work, and was instead linked to the Birdy one.
• Added blacklisted words for applications.
• Fixed an issue where the cache would not update when changing profile details on Instapic & Birdy
• Fixed an issue with the phone prop sometimes floating in the air
• Other minor UI changes and improvements.

• Fixed issue with scrapping where it wouldn’t show the open tray option.

• Fixed issue with drugs breaking overnight. Have live tested crack and meth pipes and everything is working as it should! All drugs should be good to go moving forward!

• Dong Tech was retired and should never show up in any drops! Please let us know if you do end up getting these and what job, but we couldn’t find anymore traces of these items! They were removed from 24/7s and House Robberies.

2/10/24 UPDATE LOG
• Updated crafting table for weapons. .44 ammo wasn’t unlocked for a weapon in level 3, so I lowered this ammo to level 3.
• Adjusted level 2-7 just slightly. There was a lot unlocking at level 3 which didn’t make sense. So I adjusted it to make 1 level extra between these levels.
• Added new ammo box item. Its for .38 LC.
• Updated meta data for all boxes of ammo. They were not displaying the correct amount of ammo that were held in the box. Now they show that they are 100 ct

• We have completed a new wedding system for RP Weddings in the city! This will 100% elevate your immersion to the next level!
• We offer a Paleto Church and The Vineyard as weddings destinations now! These are being ran by the people who run the vineyard!
• This offers a completely re-map of their interior to offer a new elevated experience. Check it out for yourself tonight at Dantes and Kis wedding!
• Grab drinks from onsite bartenders serving drinks
• DJ station that has a dual speaker set up that plays in both wedding reception and actually ceremony areas.
• Added a whole reception and ceremony areas that sit over 60+ people.
• Cake can actually be cut and grabbed and given out to people.
• He and Her chairs with a large custom neon heart.
• Lasers and dance floor set up for vibes.
• Just an absolute vibe for a wedding scene. We hope you guys enjoy it tonight!

• New commands built for sitting. Do /sit 1-8 and you can see how the new sitting works.
• A phase of your character will be made and you can strategically place them in areas you want to sit.
• This make the immersion 10x more realistic as now you can choose where you sit and how you sit, instead of trying to do /e sit and hope you get a good angle.
• This was a rabbit hole I went down when trying to figure a good way to have people sit at the wedding :rofl: Enjoy :heart:

• Updated zip ties to feature new animations and radial progress bars.
• Updated notifications
• Fixed issue with Zip Cutters for police.
• All test in live environment and tested to be working!

• Added Prize Kings Blip to map
• Added garage to Prize Kings parking spaces
• Added TV Projector Screen in the hall

• Fixed issue with Rifle killing people
• Fixed drop rates. We were told by many its very fair at the moment and were happy with the drop rates.

• Buffed Chance to get an item by 10%
• Buffed materials by 2x. This means if you hit the Chance that was buffed by 10%, you will get 2 times the material then you used to.

• Lowered sound radius of mechanic sounds by 2x

• Update services app for EMS and PD. Now the apps for these companies show their correct location, and GPS has been updated for them, so it takes you to the correct locations! Was showing pillbox and MRPD as in 2.0

• Added garage Leopolds Hotel Rockford Hills

• Buffed Toolkit Drops

• Buffed Broken Stone Drops by 1.5x

What is Project Rogue?

Project Rogue is a FiveM server that promises to be a “Serious Roleplay Server” with “immersive, high-quality roleplay”. The promise from Project Rogue and Source (server owner).

What is Project Rogue, really?

Let’s share some undeniable truths about Project Rogue and its Staff Team.

First, Source will purchase assets and scripts, make some customization to them like any other server. However, Source will then claim these assets and scripts as his own, being unique assets or scripts that no other server has when in reality the scripts are copy and paste functions that you have seen before in other servers. Sure, there are some scripts that Source has made from scratch. But the majority of the server is what you have experienced in other servers.

This community is set in stone. Do not expect to join and feel welcome. The cliques are set, and people will make no attempt to roleplay with anyone that are not in these cliques. These cliques extend from the civilian world, criminal world to the staff world in Project Rogue. Staff member broke a rule written in black and white? No problem. They will get “warned” and go about their business.

If you are a female, BE WARNED. Staff members in Project Rogue will attempt to spark up romantic roleplay with you! Oh. You don’t want to be involved with that? Now you have a target on your back. Watch out because you will be spectated and harassed until you are forced to leave the server!

Now, the two main points that made me and a strong group of friends leave Project Rogue for good.

Source is out for your money. Plain and simple. We had a strong plant in this server with a group of 15. We put roleplay first and were constantly commended about our level of RP in this server. So much so, that Staff worked with us to bring in exclusive clothing for our group. However, when we opened a ticket to inquire about bringing in a $50 MLO (which Source confirmed was already owned by Project Rogue) we were told there would be a $600-$800 fee.

For those with the smallest of experience in FiveM development work, bringing in an MLO that you own already and have done mapping for is as simple as dragging the folder of the MLO into your server files. $600 for this is an outrageous ask.

This was when we began to drift away from Project Rogue. We found new games to play, new servers to try and left Project Rogue with none of the usual “departure” notice that groups love to make when they leave a community. Until today.

Source brought it upon himself to disrespect and call out our group for leaving the server because “we did not get what we wanted” after being in the server for two months.

A member of our group responded professionally to this childish comment and was met with the most passive aggressive response from Source.

To remind you. This man asked for $600 USD for a $50 MLO. This is the server owner of Project Rogue. This is a clear example of when he feels threatened and anyone in his server leaves to try out another server, you will be ridiculed for even thinking that Project Rogue is not the greatest server on FiveM.

The only reason I decided to log onto CFX and write this is because Source went out of his way to talk down on a group of people who came into his server, provided top tier roleplay and left without saying a word or causing any issue. A group of people that collectively decided that giving a server $600-$800 for a $50 MLO that the server already owns was nothing more than a way for Source to get people to pay his car payment for a couple months.

Be warned. There are plenty of other servers out there. Take a look at the servers CFX page and just read all the reviews that are similar to my message. This is not made up and this is not new for this server. Here is a video of NoPixel creator koil speaking about Project Rogue and Source from a year ago talking about the business practices of Source and Project Rogue: Koil Exposes Another Server For Reselling His NoPixel Shaders | NoPixel GTA RP (youtube.com)

• Finished up clothing with some nice accessories, and misc. items.
• Added 4 mens T Shirts, 3 mens Masks/Beards, 1 Mens Hair, 3 Men’s Pants, and 1 chain and vest for police officers for detectives and such.
• Refined women’s default skin texture to minimize the wrinkles found on the back, face, and elbows.
• Refined some makeup for women. Blush 1, Eyebrow 2, Make up 3 and 4.
• Added Custom Fingernails for women under chains. There’s two sets with over like 35+ textures and choices.
• Added some accessories for women. Two hats, 1 t shirt, and 1 decals (lashes on eyes).
• Now its time to optimize. We will continue to optimize the clothing until we like where the numbers at! We will hold off until we get this latest batch of FIRE UPDATES optimized and condensed as much as possible.
• Last minute updates to the police clothing. Just some textures mostly, replaced one hat model completely.
• Clothing is in a good place right now. Adding a couple more pieces for tomorrows update that are lacking and then ill move onto different things besides clothing!

• Started to add UI elements like Car pictures to the UI. Will continue to evolve the look and feeling of the UI over time! (This was pushed a bit ago but reverted to fix some things)
• Hide player names in transfers list
• Improved vehicle spawning errors and adjusted logic to hopefully limit the times vehicles are cleaned up. All remaining issues with vehicle spawning SHOULD have been fixed
• Fixed ability to select UI elements
• Fixed bug where you would spawn inside the car in house garages
• Fixed impound spam bug
• Suppressed “no object by ID” in the F8 console
• Major improvements to performance at high player counts!
• Transfer vehicle UI redesign

• Players are instanced on test drives by default (can be disabled)
• Salesman’s name is shown in the “Sales” tab of the dealer management UI (when using direct sale)
• Vehicle spawning updated to match that of the garages.
• Fail-safes to prevent getting stuck on the dreaded “Purchasing…” black screen
• Fix multiple possible exploits where buttons could be spam-clicked or unauthorized events accessed
• Vehicle sell prices are no longer based off the global price, and instead the dealer price
• Refresh blips & text UI when job changes.
• Prevent game crashing/memory leaks when spam clicking vehicles in showroom
• Prevent players from becoming trapped in showroom (while server is online)
• Purchase vehicle events re-written
• Fixed webhook incorrectly displaying all vehicles were purchased on finance
• Keys are now removed when selling a vehicle
• Removed a significant number of unnecessary SQL queries
• Players are now instanced when entering the showroom
• Fixed minor UI bug where tables would have slightly jagged lines
• Fixed issue where you would end up stuck in the showroom interior when spamming E
• 72 hours changed to 24 hours for financing. THIS IS IN GAME HOURS TIME.

• Updated radial menu for dispatch since I seen on a stream some awesome immersive sounds being used, figured we would make them an actual mechanic in game.
• Open dispatch radial menu, and now drop Hold Comms for a sound that sound 3 beeps to grab officers attention. Alternatively, for non emergency, we did another tone to grab attention as well but not for emergencies!
• Adjusted top speed on both of the charges based on feedback.

• Removed a flag that was making areial filters add nitrous boost to cars that shouldnt have had the flag. This should be fixed.

• We wanted to confirm a couple questions being asked!
• Yes Poppy Plants are in the city!
• Yes Coke Figures are in the city!
• Yes Shrooms are in the city!
• Yes there is 3 unique weed strains that you cannot get seeds for. These seeds are only given to true Weed Plugs who want to push weed and weed only!
• We tested all these this morning, and I showed Admins where the stuff was at so that they could confirm this stuff is all in the city and working!

• Cleared server cache and updated artifacts.
• Cleaned database of old information.
• If you had over 50 followers on Birdy or Instapic, you are verified now