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Network is great. everyone is super friendly! City is evolving daily and team is super helpful!


There’s nothing I can say about this city that I haven’t already said; but I just love having the ability to create relationships and close friendships with people that I would’ve otherwise never had a chance to in a more chaotic city.

Here’s a beautiful photo of my city brudda. :3 lol


:eye: :eye:


Joined the city 4 days ago and I am enjoying it. Plenty to do, all the people I have met are good RPers. I have only scratched the surface and am looking forward to my future in NCRP.


That’s fantastic to hear Deuce159! I’m sure you’ll be happy with us! We appreciate you!

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Definitely Not A Cop :smirk:

I love this city, One of the best ones around Great people great staff. LOVE ALL OF YOU

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