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One of my favorite things about New Chance is when something spontaneous happens like on Thrusday about over half of the city was just hanging out at Customs. This is just to name the most recent one but I always look forward to when these happen.


LSPD and New Chance has been such a great experience with the many people from all walks of life its easy to make great friends. Plus with people from all over the world being in the city there’s always people on to interact with.


Late night adventures with a few of the amazing people I have met in New Chance. I love them dearly, and we are always finding some late night shenanigans to get into. May Sons of Ass roll again.


I have met so many amazing, wonderful people in this Community. I have made new friends that I feel, for the most part, will last a long, long time. New Chance Roleplay and New Chance Network as a whole is a fantastic, innovative, continually growing Community that actively listens to Community Feedback and pushes forward to ensure that we are always creating the best environment as possible.

If you’re looking for a new home, New Chance is the place. I know I’ve found home.


no crying allowed. unless you’re part of pd… then you can cry here (but only with permission from the commissioner)


A fun little throwback to early development with Senlar well over a year ago!

This was when he introduced our infamous crash script to me and showed how it worked! It was a bit sensitive at the time (which was worked on) but the shock you hear here was definitely genuine as I never encountered it before this!


An absolutely amazing news report from the brilliant minds of those over at Weazel News! You love to see it!


Parkour with my boy WAVY!!!


I’ve found a home, surrounded by friends, surrounded by family.

If you’re looking for your next server, give New Chance RP at New Chance Network a try… You won’t regret it. Perhaps you’ll find your home here too!


Just passed my 1 year marker in the city. So much has changed since then except 1 thing that sets this city apart from every other one. Staff, the staff on this server are outstanding. From the Developer all the way down to Helpers. The developer here keeps everyone in the loop with new up and coming additions to the city. I’ve met a ton of people in the city, discord, and even a few IRL. Bonding with everyone this past year has been amazing. Looking forward to see what else is in store for us here in the future.


Always Show Appreciation to your Commanders! @Greed702


It’s been a while since I’ve posted but I’m hard at work preparing the server for a massive update. When I am ready, New Chance will receive a major update to our first ever release version! We have learned a ton as a community and I have also learned and grown as a developer. I am basically rewriting the server to add a TON of new features, polish and enhance current feature, and being a while new level of performance and stability!

It is something we are very proud and excited for, so join us on our journey to release and get your foot in the door before things get big with an expanded player count!


Ever since my return to NCRP, everything has been great. As it has always been, the community keeps being positive and supporting no matter the situations. New Chance offers multiple different job options and crime options for you to live your characters life. With a constantly growing community, there is always a chance to meet new people. And the bonds you make with those people, is absolutely wild.

So why not check out New Chance and give it a try. It’ll be a ride you won’t regret!

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If you love to rp and have fun New Chance is the place for you! If you like being a police officer cmon down and apply for pd. Catch criminal and drive bad ass cars. Officer Hoss enjoys his time at PD and you would too. Cmon buy and enjoy the fun at New Chance!

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