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New Chance
was launched in August 2020 with one simple goal, a place where roleplayers new or old had a place to be amongst a meaningful community. Development started in March just a month after the concept was brought to light, since then it has been full steam ahead developing features and tools allowing for in depth character development.

We are a public community that will eventually go whitelisted, with an in-depth application that guides the applicant to think about the type of citizen they want to bring into the city. Our goal is for people to be attached to their character creations, evolve their characters and become a story within the community.

So, let’s be real with you, there is a LOT of features already implemented into the city and also lots of ideas on what we can add in the future! Criminal activity is a huge part of GTA and FiveM in general and we understand that this covers more than half a player base typically! Here on New Chance we have plenty of criminal activities to partake in… BUT… you’re going to have to find these out within the city!! As much as we’d like to show off some of the cool features that are… less than legal… we also understand that it’s something that should be roleplayed to gain that information!

However! What we can share with you is the abundance of legal activities and features you’ll find around the city of Los Santos!

:recycle: | Garbage Job - A co-op job that allows up to 4 people to cruise together on a trash truck making the city a cleaner place.

:truck: | RS Trucking - A co-op job that allows up to 2 people to deliver an assortment of goods, from cars to groceries, to fuel.

:taxi: | Taxi - A solo job that has the player clock in and attend local requests to the location of their choice, also an in app phone system that will give the driver requests from other civilians within the city.

:hamburger: | Burgershot - The first of a few restaurants at the city where up to 3 players can clock in and server food whilst getting a higher passive pay check.

:iphone: | Uber Eats - A phone based job that has the player request a drop, you will then be given a food item to deliver to a door somewhere within the city.

:articulated_lorry: | Towing - COMING SOON, a job that has civilians driving around and towing those pesky illegally parked vehicles, or working in tandem with the LSPD and removing cars used in criminal activities.

:doughnut: | Food & Drink - We have a food and drink based system here, however, it’s not a case of you die if it runs out. If you run out of food or drink, you’ll have more limitations such as not being able to run or jump. The idea behind food and drink is to drive players to common areas where you are more likely to find an interaction, and don’t fear! You can buy food pretty much anywhere, vending machines, gas stations, police stations etc

:bike: | Rentable Bikes - Scattered across the island of Los Santos at key areas there is bike rentals, these are cheap push bikes that you can use to get around the city in a pinch.

:racing_car: | Custom cars - As stated in the mechanic section we have a lot of import cars and they have custom handling unique to New Chance.

:weight_lifting_woman: | Carry Feature - Friend downed in a fight? No worries give them a carry request and yeet them out of there!

:house_with_garden: | MLO’s - We have purchased a LOT of custom buildings within the city, places that don’t require fast travels to enter. These range from actual houses you can buy that you can walk straight into, all the way up to player owned businesses such as car dealers. These allow for more in depth RP and encourage people to interact together more.

:vertical_traffic_light: | Racing System - For those of you who are car lovers we also have a system in place where you can save racing routes and start them with friends, or enemies… suppose that depends how good you are…

:tshirt: | Custom Clothing - We have a talented team of creative people who are always sourcing custom clothing allowing you to “rep” those “sick” sneakers, or that “swag” hoodie.

:man: :woman: :man: | Multiple Characters - We currently offer all players 3 characters that have independent phone numbers and bank accounts so you can live truly different lives.

The list goes on, here at New Chance our goal is to provide players with lots of unique and meaningful features that enhance the experience, that give you a reason to jump on, meet up with friends and have a joyous time.

On New Chance we are set out to provide a unique experience, a place that feels different but all whilst feeling the same. You will see below a list of the departments and a little punchy explanation about that department.

Don’t see something below that works for you? That’s okay! We also have options of our citizens creating their own Player Businesses, with the city council taking votes and making sure the right steps are taken when a citizen applies! The aim is to provide YOU the player with the tools to further your RP story within the city.

LSPD An ambitious command team with thousands of hours PD experience between them, developing the department with an overall goal to bring a positive interaction between officers and citizens. Boasting a clean unique vehicle livery across an impressive fleet of 18 different vehicles, accompanied with a CAD system to track criminal activities. New Chance offers any budding officers a great place to start a strong career.

EMS also boasts state of the art facilities, between 4 custom hospitals including an impressive mega hospital at Mount Zonah. EMT’s at New Chance have an abundance of material to create great avenues of RP, between having patients flown back to hospitals using the Medivac Heli or one of the X vehicles with custom liveries, you’ll be able to give the patients the treatment they truly deserve when wheeling them in on a fully functioning stretcher!

LS Customs is a notable brand across the city, with countless colours and quirky parts for individual cars, it gives the creative mind endless combinations to tinker with. New Chance currently offers more than 250 vehicles and this number is forever expanding, ranging from pedal bikes through to Imported supercars. A dedicated team within the community works on giving the vehicles custom handling making sure everything stays balanced and optimised, oh and lets not forget some of the… less legal vehicle upgrades!

Dynasty 8 is the go-to team if you’re looking to upsize, downsize or even flip a house to make a healthy profit! The team here at New Chance offers something rarely seen across other cities, we present players the opportunity to customize their interior! Boasting a whopping 33 interior shells and over 1000 items buyable for your interior, customization is at your disposable! Or pay someone to do it for you :wink:, here’s a small example! On top of that they even offer mortgages meaning you don’t need to slave away for hours to buy that dream home, you just need to keep up with payments.

Not only does Dynasty 8 offer blank interior shells for you to customize, they even offer MLO’s that are purchasable too! Allowing citizens to use already implemented and custom interiors that are positioned across Los Santos that you simply unlock and walk in! And it doesn’t stop there! With these custom MLO’s it opens up the options of citizens running their own businesses and below you can see a car dealership in action! Dynasty 8 are a great stepping stone in advising you on the setup of your business and refer you to the city council!


In the works is a department of justice, a place where people with good initiative and motivation can keep the LSPD on their toes with Criminal Law, draft legal documents for citizen owned businesses, or even being a General Practice Lawyer who has their hand in multiple areas.

At this moment in time the department is just ideas, so if it’s something you are passionate about come get involved and have a say! We take ideas and concepts from the community seriously and strive to make it something people would enjoy doing.

Let’s take a breather from lots of information, have we sold the server to you yet? :smirk: Check out or social media links below, grab a drink, a tasty snack, have a browse and then we can continue!
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So it’s all well and good having lots of fancy features but a lot of the time things can get stale when you do them over and over, we appreciate this and understand this! Afterall we are gamers too. That is where the roadmap comes into play, developing a server requires new features to always be in the works and added, below you can see our current roadmap and this will update as the server updates.

:red_car: | Custom Cars - We are looking to forever expand the custom cars within the city, even take current cars out making them rare vehicles.

:boxing_glove: | Organized fighting support - Events that bring players together such as boxing matches.

:gun: | More Criminal activities - We had a big update recently adding a bunch of new things for criminals, but again this is a forever expanding feature.

:man_office_worker: | Profession/Skill system - A way for players to give their characters skills and professions that lead to better task handling.

:1234: | Job ranks for public jobs - Tied in with the above a progression system within the public jobs that have rewards for hitting “X” rank

:man_factory_worker: | More Public Jobs - Again this is a forever expanding feature, we want to keep things entertaining and public jobs is one of these.

:briefcase: | Support for Lawyers - As stated above, lawyers is a in progress feature and something vital for a city to function with the below.

:man_judge: | Justice Department - To work in conjunction with Lawyers distributing legalities throughout the city.

:sailboat: | Access to Boats and lots of water related activities - There is a LOT of water around the island and we want to make good use of this, having fishing jobs, deep sea treasure hunts, item salvage etc.

:pizza: | More food related jobs/activities - The Burgershot job was a trial and it has been succesful so we will look to expand this in the future.

:roller_coaster: | Outdoor leisure/group activities - Sometimes activities that allow players to kick back and relax and be entertained are all that’s needed and we want to add this.

:ring: | Support for weddings! - We also understand that a lot of people like to really in depth with their RP, and weddings where last names merge and people can celebrate is a big thing with some people and we want to aid these types of events.

… and more!

Well… a lot of text later we hope we’ve at least gained your attention and curiosity; we will be honest too. We are developed on the good will of people’s free time; this goes from the development team all the way through to the staff ranks and department leaders. Because of this it’s not triple A game perfection, there will be issues, there will be areas that need attention but that’s okay. To sit back and call our project perfect would be concerning and over confident, there needs to be an aspect of improvement because you have to adapt to your player base.

We aim to be a fair community; staff situations are handled through tickets viewable by all staff and transcripts sent to the creators DM’s meaning no back-door favouritism. If you report a rule break and provide the valid evidence it will be handled, staff involved in a situation can’t handle their own situations so it won’t be brushed under the carpet.

On top of that we realise people aren’t perfect, we work on a point-based system that only punishes the regular rule breakers. These points are accounted on a 2-week average so if you have a misjudgement and do something not ideal you can bounce back in the long run.

We give our donors purchase receipts so they can see where the money is being spent, it doesn’t line the pockets of the development team it all 100% goes back into making the community a better place.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to take a New Chance, click that logo below and come create a character to remember!

NCRP Discord


Simply the best. :smiley:


Great server, great staff, great content :ok_hand:


Jesus! You guys offer a lot of content! This will be awesome for my Twitch audience!


Awesome server, been apart of it from the beginning and the progress made in 10 months is insane and sets a precedent for where it can be in another 10 months time!


Whitelist applications are currently being reviewed and responded to within 24 hours!

Come apply today and take advantage of our :christmas_tree: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways :christmas_tree:
Also… claim your :gift:EXCLUSIVE, one time, Christmas Gift:gift: starting Monday! These will only be available to claim during the week of Christmas so get in now!


Been around since day 1 and all I can see is that it brings that quality of RP that people love.


Best Community Best Dev team they work really hard to keep a nice running city. They go above and beyond for their members they treat you like true player of the community. Most are always around either in city or working on a project trying to make the city that much more better. I love that they always go above and Beyond on every holiday. It’s always exciting knowing you have a treat in store. No matter what holiday it’s is I feel this Team Deserves the application they can get because they truly deserve it. They got my support 100% all the way Keep it up Team you Guys are truly amazing #newchanceforever #BESTDEVTEAM = #BESTCITY NCRP


Its blowing up. :sunglasses:


Amazing server and commuity for the serious role player, lots of fun and improving daily. If you want to be part of something great I suggest NCRP. :smiley:


Amazing server, 10/10 would seriously recommend this to anyone looking for a new and upcoming server with amazing content for everyone to enjoy. The staff team is also the absolute best!


By far the best community I have been apart of, been with New Chance for a very long time now and have loved watching this community grow! This sever and community / family is a 10/10!


Loving the christmas gifts, nothing more funky than driving around in a quirky lego car!


Thanks for all the support and kind words about our community! Our holiday giveaway is almost over but there’s still time to claim your Christmas gift if you join before the end of the year!

We’re looking for real role players that understand the value to taking time to develop story lines for your characters. Head on over to our discord to start the application process today!


best server ever, I have never wanted to not go outside until i saw this server, LOVE IT


Amazing server, great people, fantastic staff (they actually help and listen), looking forward to many great RP adventures within this community.


Honestly, after leaving my previous city and not having any will to RP anymore, I was invited by my friend Carrie to join this city so I’ve decided to give it a try one more time. Best. Decision. Ever! The RP is outta this world, the people are amazing, lots of content and also WIP content that I’m excited about! I wouldn’t say this is just another good server where I met some amazing people, here I found a second family, 99% of the people here are so welcoming and easy to RP and talk to. I’m so glad to be a part of this community and family. Cheers!


I’m going to be sharing my own experience with this server.

The amount of care that the leaders have towards all players is unseen elsewhere.
They want YOU the player to roleplay exactly as you want and will even provide features and mechanics to the server to help you better roleplay your story as long as it benefits everyone else.
I joined their discord mid-march this year and it’s been a blast for me seeing this server develop so far under the relatively short time the project was created.

How nice and accepting the community is and how charming, understanding and helpful the staff team is.
I recommend this server to everyone and be sure that your progress in this city won’t go unrecognized.



I would honestly recommend this city to everyone who is ready for some quality RP and semi-serious RP , also the staff team is simply amazing they are super duper active and professional :slight_smile:


This is by far the best server I’ve been to. Back in July, I joined this server while it was still an open server. It had signs of great potential. Good staff, friendly people, and overall amazing ideas. However, I left for a few months. When I came back, there were a lot more people and a lot of general growth. It was refreshing to see such kind-hearted people, especially considering the last server I was in was really bad. The founders listen to ideas from the community, there are a lot of events and honestly, I cannot see myself in any other server anymore. It feels nice to be able to actually interact with people who actually take RP seriously.