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New Chance 1.0 includes the biggest feature update in the history of its existence. Whether you are new to roleplay or a long term player looking to try somewhere new, now is a great time for a New Chance!

New Chance is an actively developed server that is public to play. Boasting a large number of features for all different playstyles that aims to give players a familiar feel whilst being unique to keep it feeling fresh.

With a big focus on driving roleplay and character stories, there are some great quality of life features that will aid players in creating their story lines. The server is actively staffed by a great team, with a goal of teaching players the correct way and leaving punishment as a last resort. With a simple list of rules and an RP guide for players, we try our best to give the players the tools to be their best.

Now! We know some fancy wording and a fancy banner isn’t enough to have you try out our server… or is it? Well if you need more persuasion, keep reading into this post and hopefully you’ll be convinced to jump in and give it a shot!

If you are already persuaded, feel free to jump over to our discord to begin your journey!

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A huge part of roleplay is making sure there are activities that citizens can partake in during their time within the city. Whether this be making money, fun events or getting on the wrong side of the law… we realise the importance of keeping yourself occupied.

The city does provide activities for criminals, there is a small part about upcoming plans towards the end of the post. But criminal activities are to be discovered in game by players, some of the information required will take time to learn and therefore will not be mentioned here.

Below is a small list of notable activities you can do within the city, what is mentioned is only a small piece of the cake and there are many more slices to be discovered within the server!

:bus: | Bus Driver - A convenient solo job that has the chance of players hopping on to get around, as well as locals needing to get from place to place. This is a great job for cruising around, learning the city and potentially meeting new friends!

:taxi: | Taxi - Is another convenient solo job that has the player exploring the map and taking customers from their A>B, driving like a maniac is not encouraged as the customers get quite upset! Not as upset as you will be when you leave the family dog behind and it chases you down the street…

:recycle: | Roger’s Recycling - A co-operative job where 4 people can cruise the streets grabbing trash, definitely a role where more hands makes lighter work and quicker cash! Rumour has it some of these dumpsters can hold some sweet surprises.

:office: | Player Owned Businesses - Throughout the city there are player run businesses, from night clubs, to food venues and even car sales. Whatever takes your fancy there will be something you can do that will help you bring in that safe cash!

:hamburger: | Mall Jobs & RP Hub - The Harvey Center Shopping Mall has over 15 public jobs that are aimed specifically at roleplay! You can get paid to; Cook at a food play in the food court, work at the clothing store or 24/4, sell things at the Ammunation or Digi Den, or work at a hair stylist, banker, or tattoo artist! All of these jobs are roleplay jobs where you craft your experiences for your character in a central hub of the city that encourages interaction with others!

Public Jobs Showcase Pictures

Bus Driving

Night Club

Car Sales Business

Pizza Shop

Taxi Job

Cooking Job

We understand at New Chance that it can’t be all work and no play, what use is money if you have no way to spend it and enjoy it?! Here are a few of the ways you can enjoy your hard earnings in the city and make great memories with great people!

:video_game: | RC Car Racing - Head up to an abandoned build site half way between Sandy Shore and the city, here you will find an RC car enthusiast who will allow you to rent some RC cars! Create a race course and challenge friends for high scores!

:small_airplane: | Microlight Rentals - Up North away from the busy bustling city the air gets cleaner and the scenery improves ten fold, grab some microlights from the airfield and cruise around with friends looking at the area below, just be warned they are GPS tracked and if you go too far the engine cuts out!

:speedboat: | Jetski Rentals - On the beautiful lake of Sandy Shores, there is a small town business owner with some Jetski’s to rent, take them out on the lake and have a :whale: of a time!

:dancer: | Night Clubs - Maybe you aren’t all about high octane sporting activities, maybe you have a groove in your step and like a good beat within your daily life. Scattered across the city is a variety of clubs when open provide one hell of a beat!

:game_die: | Casino - Well we all know that sometimes gambling can just tickle the right itch, whether you want to hide away some dirty money or fancy trying to hit it big, the casino will sort you right out with huge improvements on the way too!

:video_game: | Working Arcades - Head on down to one of two working arcades and play games. There are solo games and even multiplayer games you can get into with friends!

:ferris_wheel: | Del Perro Pier - Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, and Dropper rides are available to experience with your friends or solo. While you are there also check out the billiards hall or play some putt putt golf!

:gun: | Laser Tag | Want to blow off some steam? Complete with up to 20 people in a team based game of laser tag in one of FOUR custom arenas!

:tennis: :8ball: | Tennis and Pool also available! We really have a TON of activities to help keep you busy and give you things to do with your friends in ROLEPLAY!

Leisure Activities Showcase Pictures

RC Car Racing

Microlight Rentals

Jetski Rentals


Not everything is about work and play, we also realize the importance of features that bring a good quality of life, features that allow you to put your mark within the world and ways to show off your wealth, see below a few of the notable amenities that’ll just make your life on the server.

:pizza: | Food & Drink - You will need to keep yourself topped up with snacks and making sure you’re drowning in drinks! Don’t worry though, you won’t start dying of starvation or dehydration… however! You may find yourself tripping over your feet a little as exhaustion sets in!

:hotel: | Hotels / Motels / Housing - Having a place to call home is important, somewhere safe you can keep your belongings and take a well needed rest. From buying your dream home with Dynasty 8, all the way to renting a hotel or motel room, there is hundreds of places for you to make your hobbit hole!

:credit_card: | Shareable Banking - Maybe you’re a married couple, close friends or extremely relaxed with your money? New Chance offers a banking system that allows you to share your account, rightfully at your own risk, but there is a great banking system in place to track where those silly spends go!

:checkered_flag: | Racing System & Custom Realistic Handling - For those car fanatics who love expressing themselves through rubber and metal, there is multitudes of cars available for you to purchase and customize. But it doesn’t stop there! Take those cars and set time trial laps, or grand prix style races through the inner city racing systems!

:man: :woman: :genie: | Multiple Characters - Creativity is only limited to what you can create, with multiple characters available you can be a crime lord at night and an EMT by day! Just don’t get the lives mixed together, each character lives a separate life and skipping this fact will get you in trouble!

:small_airplane: | Boats & Plane ownership - Not many cities offer players the possibility to own planes & boats, well we like to be different. Obviously use them with caution, but enjoy yourself the city looks great from the air and the ocean is such a calming place!

Amenities Showcase Pictures

Food & Drink



Character Menu


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It’s no secret that there are certain roles a city needs to function, from police all the way through to real estate, these roles take great responsibility and the right people to perform at their best. In terms of development and progression, the leadership team allow department leads to run their departments how they see best fit. With minimal interference it allows for the creativity of individuals to show through and allows them to put their stamp on the department.

For this section we asked for inspiration from the departmental leads, so here is what they had to say about their departments!

Our LSPD is highly focused on making great roleplay a priority, we prefer our officers to be relaxed and fun to be around, worrying less about perfection but making the situation enjoyable for all. To me I think this makes the New Chance LSPD a unique place to be, a department that’s striving for a crime free city, whilst liaising with multiple departments forming one big team.

We highly encourage anyone who has an interest in roleplaying as an officer to join the LSPD, as my good friend Vin Diesel would say… “It’s all about family”. You’ll have great fun, create awesome stories and help us continue our legacy of being a unique police department. So whether you’re experienced or inexperienced, if your passion fits everything above, come apply for the New Chance LSPD.

EMS Logo

At LSMS we are more than just a government job, internally we help our employees be the best they can be helping them grow and progress. Externally we help our citizens with health related needs as well as donating to fundraisers, hosting fundraisers and giving back to the city.

At LSMS you’ll meet people from all different walks of life, we don’t discriminate within this job so professionalism is a high standard, from treating the worst of the worst to our brothers and sisters in the police departments, this job will bring out the best in yourself and your peers.

We are looking for fun-loving, patient and level-headed people who really value teamwork, experience is always preferred but not required. All of our trainers will support you and give you the tools required to be an outstanding EMT, if you strive for growth we have plenty of opportunities to provide hard working individuals and a competitive salary.

Remember, everyone stops bleeding eventually.


At COSA we are here to fight for Justice! Everyone within the COSA team is 100% invested in any case that comes their way, no matter who you are, everyone gets treated equally with equal chances to make your case.

We have a great team who are extremely helpful from day 1, you’ll get all the proper training and support to ensure you become a great Lawyer. No previous knowledge is required so it may seem daunting at first, but with patience and understanding we know that mistakes make people stronger and better willed at doing right.

At times you’ll find yourself at the opposite end of the bench from your peers, things may get heated but we pride ourselves in being a team. At the end of the day we all work hard, have whacky personalities and need to function as a team to be the best for the city.

Not only does the city boast 1 amazing police department, but there is 2! SASP encompasses both civilian and police RP, encouraging both through the available job roles. Working in conjunction with the LSPD our troopers will be handpicked and offered employment, where a bigger focus comes into play on the investigation side of roleplay.

If you prefer SASP also plans to have a division in the near future that focuses on dispatching, sending work to both the LSPD & SASP officers on duty, not everything is about on hands patrol. Being a new department and still growing there are some great opportunities for those interested, even if you don’t have experience we value civilians that want to get involved in the civilians roles, and we will coach you and support you to perform to the best of your ability in your role.

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Weazel Network offers a form of roleplay unique from any other department, a job that allows the employee a creative front to share the city news in attention grabbing ways. Whether it be written articles or full length news videos, you are open to take whatever route suits you to create news stories you will be proud of.

One of the great parts about working for Weazel Network is you basically have an all access pass to, well literally anything! Anything you want to get a story of you can walk up, claim “it’s for the news” and just get on with what you wanted, especially great for getting all up in the cops business! Overall Weazel Network is a fun relaxed role that inspires creativity and we are always looking for innovative ways to tell more stories.

Dynasty 8 LOGO

Dynasty 8 is the go to team for anything housing related, with a group of well rounded staff that compliment each others strengths. Dedicated to our customer service we highlight and focus our efforts into ensuring a happy customer rather than caring about money and profit. Our goal is to have a roof over every citizens head and one that you’d be proud of owning.

At D8 we offer something rarely seen anywhere else, the ability to customize your own interior! Start out with a blank shell, downsize an old home, upsize to a bigger home or even just renovate an existing home and flip it for profit. With 30+ interior shells and 1000+ items buyable for your interior you can really make your home the way YOU want!

If you aren’t interested in the efforts of designing your own home, we also offer MLO buildings where you can walk up, unlock your front door and straight inside. This isn’t just limited to homes either, with these custom MLO’s it allows D8 the opportunity to provide options for budding business owners. So whether you’re looking to buy your dream home, or wanting to become part of the team, D8 is a great place to be.

LSC Logo

Are you bored of your 9-5? Don’t want to work within a government based job rushing around from place to place? LS Customs may just be perfect for you! We offer a place in which you can demonstrate your creativity to provide our customers with their dream upgrades.

If you haven’t worked with vehicles in the past that’s not a problem, at LS Customs we are a proud team that will teach you the motoring way. You’ll learn a multitude of different skills that’ll not only be applicable at the shop, but these skills will also serve you later in life. We love people who go the extra mile and give that little bit extra to gain customer satisfaction. If you have a criminal record we also believe in second chances, so don’t let that stop you! We’ll review your case and make a decision on whether you’ll be employable within the business.

So if working within a great time, getting elbow deep with grease and you want to unleash your creative mindset on vehicles, come on down to the shop and take that step in your career!

Since New Chance became a reality back in early 2020, the overall goal hasn’t changed. At New Chance, the main drive is to form a community that everyone can be part of, a roleplay server that’s developed around what the community feels is needed most, but most of all a place that feels familiar. It is then down to YOU the player, to create a character that makes connections, develops their story and puts their stamp within the new chance world.

Here is a list of planned features that are in the sights to be introduced to the server, and just like everything above this is just a short snippet to give you an insight of what’s to come.

:slot_machine: | Casino Expansion - The casino currently exists already on the server, however the activities within are limited. It’s a great place to… well gamble! With aims of adding slot machines, spin the wheel and more table games, the goal will be for the casino to be somewhere players can try their luck in many different ways! Just one more spin!

:dagger: | Enhancements to official gangs - Gangs play a huge part within GTA lore, and are heavily featured by roleplayers across many servers. Within New Chance players can apply to represent official gangs which comes with perks, this system is new and not seen anywhere else. The goal is to continue adding onto this and making official gangs a big part of life on New Chance.

:moneybag: | More Criminal Activities - Criminal life is a huge part of GTA, and quite frankly no matter how much gets added there will always be a demand for more. However there is plans to start getting some more in depth criminal activities that are more than just smash and grabs, allowing for criminals to get their creative mind on for bigger prizes.

Well that was a bit of a read wasn’t it! So where does that leave us? TLDR time?

If you are looking for a economy server that has recently wiped, has great staff, active developer and always looking for more great people to join a great team. Well all we ask is you come give New Chance a try, we know it may not be perfect, but it’s a work in progress. And with the right people in the right places with our vision we believe we can make one hell of a community, we can make it a great place to roleplay.

And with the vision that the leadership team have for the server, everything will keep changing for the better all thanks to community feedback. In 18 months New Chance has developed from a slap together ESX server to something well rounded, well developed and something as a team we are proud of! But we aren’t stopping there, we will keep pushing on!

Thanks for taking the time to look over this post, any feedback in the comments is welcome as well as any questions!

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Huge thanks to Casper for supplying the amazing graphics on the post!
And a big thanks to Xontiac for the awesome NCRP trailer!


Simply the best. :smiley:


Great server, great staff, great content :ok_hand:


Jesus! You guys offer a lot of content! This will be awesome for my Twitch audience!


Awesome server, been apart of it from the beginning and the progress made in 10 months is insane and sets a precedent for where it can be in another 10 months time!


Whitelist applications are currently being reviewed and responded to within 24 hours!

Come apply today and take advantage of our :christmas_tree: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways :christmas_tree:
Also… claim your :gift:EXCLUSIVE, one time, Christmas Gift:gift: starting Monday! These will only be available to claim during the week of Christmas so get in now!


Been around since day 1 and all I can see is that it brings that quality of RP that people love.


Its blowing up. :sunglasses:


Amazing server and commuity for the serious role player, lots of fun and improving daily. If you want to be part of something great I suggest NCRP. :smiley:


Amazing server, 10/10 would seriously recommend this to anyone looking for a new and upcoming server with amazing content for everyone to enjoy. The staff team is also the absolute best!


By far the best community I have been apart of, been with New Chance for a very long time now and have loved watching this community grow! This sever and community / family is a 10/10!


Loving the christmas gifts, nothing more funky than driving around in a quirky lego car!


Thanks for all the support and kind words about our community! Our holiday giveaway is almost over but there’s still time to claim your Christmas gift if you join before the end of the year!

We’re looking for real role players that understand the value to taking time to develop story lines for your characters. Head on over to our discord to start the application process today!


best server ever, I have never wanted to not go outside until i saw this server, LOVE IT


Amazing server, great people, fantastic staff (they actually help and listen), looking forward to many great RP adventures within this community.


Honestly, after leaving my previous city and not having any will to RP anymore, I was invited by my friend Carrie to join this city so I’ve decided to give it a try one more time. Best. Decision. Ever! The RP is outta this world, the people are amazing, lots of content and also WIP content that I’m excited about! I wouldn’t say this is just another good server where I met some amazing people, here I found a second family, 99% of the people here are so welcoming and easy to RP and talk to. I’m so glad to be a part of this community and family. Cheers!


I’m going to be sharing my own experience with this server.

The amount of care that the leaders have towards all players is unseen elsewhere.
They want YOU the player to roleplay exactly as you want and will even provide features and mechanics to the server to help you better roleplay your story as long as it benefits everyone else.
I joined their discord mid-march this year and it’s been a blast for me seeing this server develop so far under the relatively short time the project was created.

How nice and accepting the community is and how charming, understanding and helpful the staff team is.
I recommend this server to everyone and be sure that your progress in this city won’t go unrecognized.



I would honestly recommend this city to everyone who is ready for some quality RP and semi-serious RP , also the staff team is simply amazing they are super duper active and professional :slight_smile:


This is by far the best server I’ve been to. Back in July, I joined this server while it was still an open server. It had signs of great potential. Good staff, friendly people, and overall amazing ideas. However, I left for a few months. When I came back, there were a lot more people and a lot of general growth. It was refreshing to see such kind-hearted people, especially considering the last server I was in was really bad. The founders listen to ideas from the community, there are a lot of events and honestly, I cannot see myself in any other server anymore. It feels nice to be able to actually interact with people who actually take RP seriously.


Out of the 4, maybe 5 servers I’ve tried and actually put time into, this is easily one of the best & by far the best community and staff team. 10000% recommended