[18+] Lifestyle RP 2.0 | Hiring LEO & EMS | Import Vehicles | Realistic Economy | Drugs & Gangs | Crafting | Legal Jobs | Live Anywhere | Fast Performance | Active Staff | Controller Support |

:palm_tree::palm_tree: This is Lifestyle RP 2.0 :palm_tree: :palm_tree:

Lifestyle RP is an 18+ community looking for citizens to help our community grow and be the best it can be! We recently converted over to a QBCore Framework to open up the official Lifestyle 2.0 which is being actively developed daily! Our city is FULL of jobs and other activities. We currently offer multiple Legal/Civilian Jobs and Activities, Illegal Jobs and Activities, and Whitelisted Jobs! We are a East Coast/Central based server, so we are usually popping in the evenings! We are working towards a population that is active around the clock!


  • Active Admins and Community Managers :construction_worker_man:
  • Active Support :wrench:
  • Optimized on QBCore Framework :100:
  • Shifting Economy :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Full Controller Support :video_game:
  • Third Eye :eye:
  • Mumble VOIP :studio_microphone:
  • Friendly Community :open_hands:
  • Streamer Friendly :computer:
  • LGBTQ Friendly :rainbow_flag:


  • Fishing :fishing_pole_and_fish:
  • Mining :pick:
  • Taxi :taxi:
  • Garbage Job :truck:
  • Hotdog Selling :hotdog:
  • Pizza Delivery :pizza:
  • Hunting :deer:
  • Coral Diving :diving_mask:
  • Crypto Mining :moneybag:
  • Boxing :boxing_glove:
  • Dumpster Diving :rat:
  • XP Based Crafting :hammer_and_wrench:


  • In-depth Drugs System (Weed / Coke / Oxy / Meth / XTC) and More! :pill:
  • Hidden Dealer Runs :brick:
  • Store Robberies :convenience_store:
  • House Robberies :house:
  • Jewelry Store Robbery :gem:
  • Bank Robberies (Fleeca & Pacific Standard) :bank:
  • Laundry Services :money_with_wings:
  • Create / Join Gangs :smiling_imp:
  • XP Based Weapon / Attachment Crafting :toolbox:


  • LEO :police_car:
  • EMS :ambulance:
  • Lawyers :man_in_tuxedo:
  • Judge :man_judge:


  • Bahama Mamas :partying_face:
  • Bean Machine :coffee:
  • Tequi-la-la :tropical_drink:
  • Burger Shot :hamburger:
  • Comedy Club :joy:
  • Car Dealers (PDM & Imports) :racing_car:
  • Mechanic Shops :man_mechanic:


  • Free Apartments :office:
  • Live Anywhere :houses:
  • Purchasable Warehouses :factory:


  • Custom Fun Races - Unicycle races, go-karts, drift courses, and more! :bike:
  • Concerts - We have a few citizens who create in-city music and perform concerts for events! :musical_note:
  • Parties - We hold parties at our local Tequi-la-la and Bahama Mamas on weekends! :champagne:

There are LOADS of civilian activities to tryout, and they all have depth to them. We are regularly shifting the economy by changing jobs and adding new things to purchase! You can dumpster dive, scuba dive for coral, fish, or be a hard working miner for a living!

Our criminal jobs and activities are all tier and experience based! Capture your corner of a market if that’s what you want to do, there’s plenty of criminal activities!

We are currently hiring in all departments of our Whitelist Government positions!
Become an LEO, EMS, Lawyer, or Judge!

We have ACTIVE DEVELOPMENT in our city with active Community Managers always looking for suggestions to better the city and community!

:palm_tree: Spend some time with our community over at Lifestyle RP and see where your story goes! :palm_tree:



:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Our first night of having the Advertisement up went well! We had quite a few new faces in the city last night and they seemed to enjoy the city while doing some Civilian jobs!
We had lots of cops chasing our Racers through the city for hours! :racing_car: :police_car::checkered_flag:

Huge thanks to those of you who made an appearance in the city for the first time and welcome to the Lifestyle Community! We’re looking forward to seeing more new faces in our city!

Yesterday, our intro to the city was changed! The intro music that now plays is created by two of our awesome Community members, GKidFBE AKA Chico Sanders (In-city) and Saladtheacidguy AKA Kalob Knight (In-city). The music they make is all in character and relates to our citizens and city! They put on concerts for the city from time to time with new music! :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:

Here’s a link to their Youtube Channel with all the In-city music they have made!!

:palm_tree:Come join our Discord and become a part of the Lifestyle RP Community! :palm_tree:

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:loudspeaker: :hamburger:TONIGHT WE ARE OPENING BURGER SHOT:hamburger: :loudspeaker:

Tonight after our evening Tsunami, we will be opening our Burger Shot and hiring employees to run it in Lifestyle RP 2.0! Come join us and enjoy a burger and milkshake! :hamburger: :ice_cream:

  • We reduced the amount that food and drinks from regular stores provide to your hunger and hydration so citizens will rely on more citizen-ran businesses in our city for food and drinks!
  • Some of the items sold at Burger Shot will benefit you and maybe even negatively effect you!

:fries::moneybag: MEALS :moneybag::fries:

Moneyshot Meal :money_with_wings: : 1 Moneyshot, 4 Fries, 1 Drink

Meat Free Meal :x: : 1 Meat Free, 4 Fries, 1 Drink

Bleeder Meal :drop_of_blood: : 1 Bleeder, 4 Fries, 1 Drink

Heart Stopper Meal :broken_heart: : 1 Heart Stopper, 8 Fries, 2 Drinks, 2 Milkshake

Torpedo Meal :rocket: : 1 Torpedo, 4 Fries, 1 Drink

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Gang RP welcome!

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:loudspeaker: BURGER SHOT OPENING WAS GREAT! :loudspeaker:

Yesterday, we opened the doors to Burger Shot in Lifestyle RP!
The Moneyshots and Heart Stoppers were a hit! :white_check_mark: :100:
Our Burger Shot is actively hiring new employees! Our city now relies on citizen ran businesses in order to replenish your hunger/hydration! We still have water and sandwiches at our local stores, but they offer less hunger/hydration.

We also had lots of new faces in they city! :baby:
We had a few new racers! And a few cop chases! :racing_car: :police_car:
Criminals were running the streets! :pill:

:palm_tree: It was a great Monday night for Lifestyle RP! Come join us for more! :palm_tree:

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:loudspeaker: MORE 3RD EYE INTERACTIONS :loudspeaker:

Our developer has been working on adding 3rd Eye Interactions to multiple places around the city! Our stores and businesses are now ALL able to be interacted with using your 3rd eye!

  • Clock in/out :mantelpiece_clock:
  • Use register :moneybag:
  • Use front counters to pickup food
  • Purchase food from the front counters at our stores

We are continuing to develop our city daily to make things function better and look cleaner overall!

:palm_tree: Come join us at Lifestyle RP 2.0 and see what we have to offer! :palm_tree:

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bumpin bump

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:loudspeaker: :palm_tree: GANGS AND GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS! :palm_tree: :loudspeaker:

JOIN THE DISCORD TODAY! :left_speech_bubble:

Currently, we have 3 active gangs in our city and they are all recruiting new members!
We are also still hiring Government Officials of all ranks in our city!


  • Ballas :grapes: (Purple)
  • Vagos :banana: (Yellow)
  • Scorpions :scorpion: (Red)


  • LEO :police_car:
  • EMS :ambulance:
  • LAWYERS :briefcase:
  • JUDGE :man_judge:

All the criminals learn something new about how in-depth our criminal jobs and activities are, every day! Come join in on the fun and learn about all the things we have to offer for our Criminals, Civilians, and our Government Officials!
Our community is very welcoming to all new citizens! We will help out in anyway possible within RP! We have been gaining new citizens daily and look forward to seeing more new faces!

We are still adding more ways to use the 3rd eye interactions throughout our city! :eye:
New additions:

  • Flip Vehicle
  • Escort
  • Put in/Take out of Vehicle
  • Rob
  • Store Interactions
  • Secret Locations

:palm_tree: Come over to Lifestyle RP 2.0 and see what we have to offer, and see where your story goes! :palm_tree:

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:palm_tree: Come chill with us here at Lifestyle RP 2.0! :palm_tree:

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:loudspeaker: :coffee: BEAN MACHINE IS OPEN :coffee: :loudspeaker:

Last night in Lifestyle 2.0, we opened Bean Machine again and it is under new ownership!
The menu is FULL of awesome new food and drinks! The coffees give you a burst of energy so you can run faster, and the cookies are so good they heal you!
The menu consist of donuts, pancakes, paninis, eggs & bacon, muffins, cookies, ice cream, and coffee!

We now have 2 active food businesses in our city and they are citizen ran!

:police_car: WE HAVE NEW LEO ROOKIES :police_car:

We also recruited 3 new rookie LEOs recently! Our LEO and EMS positions are slowly building up, come join the team! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

:shushing_face: NEW JOBS COMING SOON :shushing_face:

Our staff team is actively testing new jobs both legal and illegal to bring to our city. We are starting testing today and will hopefully be rolling out a few jobs in the next few weeks! Our lead developer is working hard on creating custom scripts daily!


Starting today, our staff team will be testing every vehicle in our city to see how they perform and compare them to the current vehicle price at PDM and our Import Dealer! We will be making adjustments accordingly. Vehicles will either see a increase/decrease in speed and handling, OR they will see an increase/decrease in price depending on the way they perform!
We have lots of cool things in store for our vehicles and racing scene in the near future!

:palm_tree: Come hang with us over at Lifestyle RP 2.0 to join the fun! :palm_tree:

We usually have small events every evening to get new and OG civilians together to have fun and interact! Come join us after our evening tsunami at 6pm Central! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Big Chico and Kalob Knight of the Vago’s are having their 2nd in city concert on Ocober 2nd. You wont want to miss this!



We recently viewed a large amount of imported vehicles in our city. We may be adding some to our city soon after they are tweaked! We bring in ONLY the best looking/functioning imports to our city.

  • HQ Exterior
  • HQ Interior
  • HQ Engine Bays
  • Functioning Doors
  • Low-Poly (Reduce lag when imported)

:musical_note: IN-CITY CONCERT OCTOBER 2ND :musical_note:

Our in-city artists, Chico Sanders and Kalob Knight will be hosting an in-city concert on October 2nd! The event will be catered with alcohol by the Auto Exotic crew who have a downstairs bar/lounge! We recently added a recording studio to our city so our artists can record tracks and perform for citizens in-city! Come join Lifestyle RP 2.0 to meet Chico and Kalob before the concert! Their last concert was a HUGE hit!

:palm_tree: Come enjoy Lifestyle RP 2.0! :palm_tree:

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:loudspeaker: :palm_tree: MORE SERVER OPTIMIZATION :palm_tree: :loudspeaker:

A new SQL Middleware update rolled out recently and was optimized by the lead developer team for the QBCore Framework. Our City Developer has implemented it into our city to improve overall performance!
Where we see performance increases in our city:

  • More Responsive Inventory :handbag:
  • More Responsive Phone :iphone:
  • Better Garage Performance :red_car:


The QBCore Developer team is also working on reworking the qb-phone get rid of some bugs and issues that the current one causes. We reverted back to an earlier version of qb-phone to cut down on lag, bugs, and other issues they were causing in our city. We will be updating our in-city phone to the newest version when it is released to the public!

:palm_tree: COME HANG WITH US IN LIFESTYLE RP 2.0 :palm_tree:

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:deer: HUNTING UPDATE :deer:

We recently updated the hunting in our city!
Hunting in our city now requires you to purchase live bait from the leisure shop, place the bait, then wait for the animals to approach the bait! You can attract multiple types of animals to the bait! Once the animal has been killed, a knife is required to skin it! You will receive animal pelts which can be sold to a pelt dealer which can be found on the map!

:wrench: VEHICLE REPAIR UPDATE :wrench:

We also rolled out an update for our mechanic script which directly affects vehicle repairs! Vehicles in our city are now repaired with materials which you can go to recycling center for, or mine some of them! The mechanics in our city will purchase materials off of people, and even give discounts on vehicle repairs to people that bring them materials for repairs!
Now there is MORE uses for materials that most people get from spending time at the Recycling Center!

:palm_tree: Come join us at Lifestyle RP 2.0 and see where your story goes! :palm_tree: