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=167= Clan FiveM RP

The =167= Clan has been around since 2003. We have played a multitude of games since then and have decided to enter the FiveM space! We are established, and do not rely on donors for support. Clan donations are voluntary, and no special treatment is given. We pride ourselves in having unbiased and mature staff, who are tenured members. We hope you to see you in game, and hope you have a great time with us!


Key Features

Our server has various features that are unique! Scroll down to see more

Stock Market

No other server offers real time stock market game play! Buy any of your favorite stocks and sell them for profit! This is not limited to select stocks, as our custom resource pulls live data from the stock market! There is no limit to the amount of stocks one can buy and day trading is encouraged!



Feel free to buy one of our various properties in game and live in luxury! Use these properties to store outfits (or other nefarious items), conduct deals, or invite friends over for a good time!


Negotiate a deal with the car dealer! Buy yourself a brand new sports car for big bucks, or settle for an average sedan if you’re tight on cash. Your car will be stored in one of our various garages throughout the map. Don’t let your car get impounded by the police though, as you might have to pay a hefty fine to get it back!


We used one of the most advanced CADs on the market place. With an in game MDT and 911 system, your calls will be connected directly with the dispatcher instead of sent to a discord channel. Our public safety officers can rest easy knowing that their radios include GPS capabilities that allow the dispatcher to see their location in real time! With panic button capabilities, our officers can summon immediate assistance of all available officers with a press of a button. One push and all available units are automatically notified and routed to your location! No radio required!

Alcohol and Drugs

Take a swig or two of your favorite beer! Our server includes alcohol and hard drugs. Careful although, too much could cause an overdose! Drinking can cause intoxication, that can impair your ability to walk, shoot and drive. Consume enough alcohol, and you might have to puke or pass out! This can be especially dangerous when driving drunk.


Paycheck not cutting it? Why not take the hard earned cash of someone else! Run up to an NPC on the street and hold them at gun point. They’ll fork over everything they have since they value their life (even though you don’t!). Feeling a little bit risky? Try to rob a convenience store or jewelry store. Careful though, the clerk will hit a silent panic button and the police will be notified!


Unlike most servers, NPC cars are usually locked. You might get lucky and find one that was left unlocked on the street, but you’ll most likely have to lockpick it to steal it. If that’s too much for you, just find an NPC that’s stopped at a stop light and hold them at gun point. The NPC will give you their car, since again, they value their life. Be careful though, the police might be around the corner.


Call or text your favorite friends and let them know you finally need them for something! Use our phones to communicate with other players or points of interest (such as the car dealer). You can also use your phone to request roadside assistance and security services!


Too poor to buy your own car and actually have a set of ethics that prevent you from stealing a car? Then feel free to take a train. The metro provides service throughout the city and airport, and doesn’t cost a thing. Thanks to the tax payer, the metro features 24/7 service with no fares! Hop on board, and be sure to look both ways before crossing train tracks!

Separate Profiles

Want to be a cop, but only sometimes? That’s fine! We implement a multi-profile system that allows you to play as completely separate characters with separate money and everything. Now you can start over, but still have your old character! We allow up to 4 different and distinct profiles for each user.



  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Departments: LAPD (For now)
  • Training: Required (in-depth)
  • Playtime: None (For now)
  • Vehicles: CVPI, Impala, Charger, Expedition, Tahoe, Explorer, Taurus, + more

Fire // EMS

  • Age Requirement: 16+
  • Department: LAFD (Possibly expand later)
  • Training: Required (short)
  • Playtime: None
  • Vehicles: Ladder Engine, Hose Engine, Ambulance, Supervisor CVPI, Supervisor Explorer

Private Security

  • Age Requirement: 16+
  • Company: Gruppe6
  • Training: Required (short)
  • Promotion Available: Yes (To armed or supervisor)
  • Vehicle: CVPI With green lights

Roadside Assistance / Tow Truck

  • Age Requirement: 14+
  • Company: Mors Mututal Insurance
  • Training: Not required
  • Vehicles: Bison, Pinnacle, Tow Truck, Flatbed

Other Civilian Jobs:

  • Armored Truck Driver
  • Cab Driver / Uber driver
  • Car Dealer
  • Fisherman
  • Lumberjack
  • Miner
  • Oil Worker
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Postal Worker
  • Tailor
  • Trucker


AC. Koch Pulling over a speeding player

2016 Dodge Charger Cruiser

Private Security CVPI

LAFD Hose Engine

LAFD Supervisor Explorer

Update: We now have front passenger control of emergency lights! Custom scripting to allow copilots of police and fire cars to control the lights and sirens to allow the driver to focus on driving!

New Security Vehicle!

Explorer Supervisor version coming soon.