[16+] West Country RP | Serious RP | Optimized & Top of the line resources | Welcoming Community!

West Country Role-Play has been made in 2021, to make the server enjoyable as possible for the community. The server is inspired by NoPixel, but with a little bit more seriousness to it.

Why would you want to join WCRP? The answer is simple. The server is meant for people who like everything with spice, a server built for only and only for the community. The management does not spawn in items for themselves, no one gets any huge benefits being in a gang ( free cars, free guns, and so on. ) If you’re looking for a serious, strict, and welcoming community, consider joining WCRP!

What do we offer different from other servers? As you can see, other servers are using buggy, implementing new stuff while the bugs are not fixed, administrators are biasing to their friends, this does not happen in WCRP. If anyone breaks an RP rule, he gets the sentence for it. Is there’s someone doing low-quality RP? He get’s talked to. But it’s not just only about the rules and the community. The server is being built with quality, a bunch of cool stuff that you have not seen in other servers, implementing our own created scripts that are not seen elsewhere.

What jobs are available? Where do I start. We have a police force, emergency services, Burgershot employment, Taxi jobs, DOJ. It does not end there. You can applicate to make your own custom whitelisted job, own a mechanic store, food place, anything that has good RP involvement. Some other smaller whitelist jobs are waiting for you.

What cool places do we have? Oh boy. Casino, Burgershot, comedy club, a bunch of bars that are already awaiting owners, and some other places you need to find out in RP ;). ( Don’t want to spoil it for you. )

Overall We are awaiting you at West Country Role-Play. Just drop a hi in the chat, and see the welcoming messages being sent to you. Any problems? Make a ticket with our custom bot, and the issue will be sorted out in no time. Any suggestions? use our custom bot to make a suggestion! Found a bug? Make a small bug report! The server is small, it started a good month or so ago, but our community is already holding very strong.

See you in West Country RP!

Discord invite: West Country RP | WCRP

Hello… Is there a link???

Yeah, our discord invite is - West Country RP | WCRP