✅ 16+ | Est. 2019 | PVE | Co-op | Beta | Custom EUP | LSPDRP is looking for Staff, Beta Testers and LEO's!

LSPDRP is a multiplayer project based on the popular GTA V mod LSPDFR :copyright:.
Since we are in the Beta Testing phase we are looking for new staff and Beta testers who find every :ant:, hiding on the server.
We have EUP and custom LEO vehicles!
If you are interested join our Discord!

NOT FivePD ! 100% self scripted !


SAST (San Andreas State Troopers)
BCSO (Blaine County Sheriffs Department)
LSPD (Los Santos Police Department)

Looking :eyes: for:

-video editors (professional cutting and GTA V cinematic skills)
-graphical editors (skills with painting, designing, and foto editing)
-active, mature, and friendly members

Not :x: looking for:

-Merging into Servers
-Owner´s or Co-Owner´s

What we offer:

-Smart AI´s
-custom EUP
-High-quality Redneck, Dibzer and Mcgarret vehicles with custom skins
-100+ callouts for each department*
-Good traffic stop interaction
-Interesting Storys
-mature player base

Ingame screenshots:

*to the time of the official release

Note that the Server is in the Beta and 16+

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