0R-Mechanic - Modern Mechanic Script

I need thisssssssssssss :star_struck: :star_struck:

nic work waiting for giveaway

very very good job

Have to put to our needed scripts list

The most completed mechanic job, love this interface and the job done by 0resmon, devs ok top

I bought 5 scripts from you and I can’t use any of them because of errors . I don’t even want to think how many errors this script has

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i love this script! but I can’t afford it

Amazing! Nice script

Amazing script for mechanics

yup all broken and no support to fix

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New mechanic scripts More options, more mods nice🎉

Why are you defending them? Do you want me to gather all the links from the forum to prove their good reputation? In just two minutes, I found a lot of duplicate accounts on the forum that praise you. How many duplicate accounts do you have?

It’s a bot. All he has is bot accounts it’s so bad

If you look at its history all it does is praise every script he’s made and every different account he’s had scripts made with

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gg script bro

Funny how I expected to see a comment like this on here when I had the same experience with their housing release. It seems this group is prioritizing release quantity over quality and then doing some bs giveaway in their d*****d server to drive fake engagement… Flag the post and move on.